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Popups, Email Popup, Exit Intent Pop Up, Upsell Pop Up, Cart Abandonment Popups, Contact Form Builder – Personizely

Popups, Email Popup, Exit Intent Pop Up, Upsell Pop Up, Cart Abandonment Popups, Contact Form Builder – Personizely


What is Personizely?

Personizely is a Conversion Marketing Toolkit that helps convert more visitors and increase Average Order Value

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If you are looking to increase your sales, your email subscribers, and grow your business, Personizely is the conversion marketing toolkit you are looking for. With this conversion toolkit, you will be able to turn those website visitors ready to leave your site into subscribers and even prospective customers. Personizely will let you create personalized email subscription prompts, popup forms, sticky announcement bars, and even an opt-in form, as well as many other interactive popups. The best part is that it won’t take you hours to set it up either, just minutes!

Unlike typical WordPress plugins, Personizely prioritizes user experience above everything else. Our goal is to make things work exactly the way you need them to for your particular situation, so Personizely features a slew of personalization features and smart targeting. This will allow you to show the right user the right popup at the right time.

Personizely’s popups and opt-in forms for newsletters are fully compatible with mobile formats and are fully responsive. This way your marketing messages are available clearly and formatted ideally for whatever device (laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet) that a visitor might be utilizing. We have optimized Personizely for both server and web performance because we understand the importance of conversion optimization, SEO, and marketing.

Our goal has been to eliminate the pain points from the generation of personalized popup forms. We know you want this process to be simple. Now, smart business owners, developers, and designers love using the Personizely conversion marketing toolkit. Here are just a few reasons why:

Drag & Drop Popup Builder

We are over the slow and bloated popup maker plugins, and we know you are too. We built Personizely to be adaptable to let you create custom popups, newsletter opt-ins, announcement bars, and slide-in popups, as well as high-conversion lead generating forms quickly. This will be an essential tool for enhancing your marketing workflow.
With your drag & drop popup builder, you can control and customize easily the expression and feel of your opt-in popups. You can even add spin the wheel games, countdowns, and other dynamic popups that are suited to the behavior of the user.

Pre-Built Popup Templates For Conversion Increase

So why is it that building marketing popups that generate high conversions takes so much time? Mostly it’s because other plugins require you to build the popup from scratch, something that, unless you really want to, you do not actually need to do.
If you are looking to create a free shipping bar, newsletter popup, announcement bar with (or without) a countdown, a slide-in popup, coupon popup, newsletter popup, or any other advanced popup model, Personizely has a template in place to help you start beyond the proverbial ‘start line’ inside the easy popup builder.
Personizely is stocked with dozens of templates to help you create popups faster. Check out our gallery for all the options you have.

Onsite Retargeting And Popups For New Visitors

The number of visitors who leave your site never to return is at a staggering 70%. Personizely can help you prevent them all from being ‘lost’ by leveraging the strategy of employing exit-intent popups. Instead, it can convert a lot of them into subscribers, and potentially, paying customers.
At the moment, if a user is intending to leave your site, they can be presented with exit-intent popups, a strategy that helps convert an additional 4% – 6% of your site’s visitors. On top of that, exit-intent popups can be utilized to show different popup messages to visitors who have returned to your site vs those who are new.
These go a long way in reducing cart abandonment, saving you money on retargeting ads and pay-per-click advertisements.

Behavior-Based Personalization And Advanced Targeting

Personizely allows you to highly customize your popups for users based on an advanced range of factors including (but not limited to) the visitor’s geographic location, when they click on a specific link or based on a historical analysis of their past popup clicking behaviors.
Whether a user had seen another popup in a different marketing campaign, previously clicked on a marketing popup, viewed a particular number of pages, or closed a particular marketing popup in the past – can help drill down to the type of popup that is most effective for converting this particular visitor into a subscriber or a customer, helping you improve your lead generation efforts and grow your sales.

Email Marketing Integration, Popup A/B Testing, And Popup Analytics

Personizely does not slow down your site as it employs its advanced popup algorithms to help you grow your site and business as many other popup tools tend to do. That is because unlike other plugins, Personizely does not employ wp-ajax for popup analytics setup and slow down your site due to the cache settings. On top of that, caching plugins are inherently skewing the data in typical popup plugins.
Personizely addressed both of those concerns with a superior popup generation infrastructure, allowing you to employ A/B popup testing that is reliable. This also allows for accurate data returned during conversion analytics and email marketing and CRM integrations are made seamless.

Why Personizely?

Personizely VS Justuno, Optimonk, Wisepops, Privy, Poptin, Sumo, Optinmonster, MailMunch, Pixelpop, Woohoo, Wheelio, Spin to Win, Spin-a-sale, Hustle, Popup Maker, Popup Builder, Easy Popup by Zotabox, MailOptin, Brave Popup Builder, WP Optin Wheel – Personizely offer platform which consolidates a large set of functionality like email pop up, exit popup, cart abandonment, countdown timer bar, upsell pop up, cross sell popups, related products, free shipping bar, sales motivator bar, and website personalization in one place, so you don’t need to overpay for multiple tools.

Full Personizely Features List To Enhance Maximum Conversions

Popup Campaign Types:

  • Welcome Mat Popup: Create a full-screen popup (known as a welcome mat or interstitial) for a great way to market new products and draw in new subscribers.
  • Lightbox Popups: Generate custom popups to collect visitor emails, make a WooCommerce popup modal to upsell or cross-sell products, and show coupons in your popup.
  • Slide-In Popups: Highlight related WooCommerce products, reference related posts, and display coupons in a popup box that slide in from the bottom of the screen to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Floating Bar Popups: Create sticky header or footer bars to display website announcement alerts, free shipping notices, and set a countdown timer for a sale.
  • Inline Sign Forms: Inline newsletter sign up forms are embedded inside your page’s content or in your blog posts, unlike popups that appear externally of that. This is a great tool to add email opt-in forms or call-to-action buttons (CTAs) at the end of your blog posts.
  • Age Verification Popup: Will enable you to put up a warning line with a description justifying the warning. The Popup will act as counseling as well as a warning related to the conceivable impacts of the products or content of the website.
  • Sidebar Subscribe Forums: Add email newsletter signup form in a sidebar (not popup) of your blog to attract more subscribers.
  • Countdown Popups: Promote limited time offers, sales, or resources with popups featuring countdown timers, including the creation of evergreen countdown timers to generate more sale conversions.
  • Canvas Custom Popup: If you feel like starting your popup from a clean slate, you can do so with our blank canvas popup template. Using drag & drop popup builder for any use cases including creating a quiz popup, social share popup, video popup, popup referencing a related post or product, contest giveaway popup, donation popup, and so much more.
  • Yes/No Popups: Get better list segmentation and higher marketing conversions by creating multi-step popups and opt-in forms. This is great for exhibiting different lead magnets and utilizing affiliate popups.
  • Mobile Popups: Personizely lets you create popups specifically intended for display on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). This draws in a whole new marketing segment from mobile users.

Personalization Features and Popup Targeting:

  • WooCommerce Popup: Create custom popups based on the user’s cart contents, their order’s value, etc.
  • Popup Page-Level Targeting: Customize popups based on category sections and specific pages, as well as URL query and anchor tags.
  • Automate Popup Behavior: Apply a smart, real-time approach to custom popup display automation by basing which popups display depending on what pages the user viewed and how they have interacted with other popups.
  • Referrer Detection: Base the popups you display on where the user came from (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc)
  • Geologically Targeted Popups: Base the popups you display based on the user’s geographical location.
  • Popups That Recognize Subscribers: Show new sales popup to those who have already opted in for a subscription.
  • Smart Tags: Make your popups ultra-specific by marketing to users by using their name, location, email, and other specific dynamic content.
  • Onsite Retargeting Popups: Vary the popups displayed based on whether the visitor is new or returning to your site.
  • Device-Based Targeting: Customize your popups based on what device the user is accessing your site from (mobile, desktop, tablet)
  • Popup Cookie Target: Customize popups based on browser cookies.

Behavior Detection and Popup Triggers

  • Scheduled Popups: Show particular popups at a particular time (certain date, time of a sale, holiday promotion)
  • Exit-Intent Popups: Set up popups to display when a visitor is leaving the page.
  • Scroll Triggered Popup: Set up popups to display once a user has scrolled down through a particular percentage of the page.
  • Time-on-Site Popups: Set up popups to show up once a user has spent a specified number of seconds on the page.
  • Click To Load Popup: Set up popups to display when a user clicks a link or an image.

Other Features:

  • Popup Animations: Capture visitors’ attention with engaging popup animations
  • Smart A/B Testing: Add A/B test popup ideas to increase conversions.
  • Reliable Popup Conversion Analytics: Reference reliable analytic data to gauge how well your marketing popups are converting.
  • Popup Lead Export: Export all of your popup leads.
  • Popup List Segmentation: Categorize popup subscribers into groups so you can email them based on their interest in enhanced automation.
  • Advanced Google Analytics for Popups: Link up popups with Google Analytics to track events, enhance eCommerce traffic, and more.
  • Loyalty Reward Widgets: Reward customers that made a predefined number of orders with discounts, rewards, or personalized offers, and grow their loyalty.

Email Marketing & CRM Integrations

  • AWeber Popup Forms: Make email marketing forms and AWeber popups.
  • Infusionsoft: Create lead generation forms and Infusionsoft popups.
  • Zapier: Route your favorite popup form data to your preferred email marketing, CRM, etc.
  • Webhooks: Connect any custom CRM, email service, or third-party apps to your popup.
  • FeedBlitz Popup: Use FeedBlitz to create shopping cart and smart email subscription popups.
  • Various Email Marketing Popup Features. There are many email features including the integration with MailChimp, Sendgrid, Omnisend, Recart, Klayvio, ConvertKit, Jilt Pop-Up Form, MadMimi Signup Forms, MailerLite, Sendloop, Bronto, EmailOctopus, etc.
  • Various Newsletter Sign-Up Popup Forms: These include Sendinblue, Campaign Monitor Forms, SendPulse Subscription Popup, iPost, etc.
  • Exit Intent Popup Tools: These include CM Commerce, Emma Popups, etc.
  • Smart Marketing Popups: These include tools like Drip Popups, iContact, MailPoet, Customer.io, etc.
  • Dynamic, Personalized, Lead Generating Popups: These include Eloqua Forms, HubSpot Forms, Constant Contact Forms, Marketo Lead Capture Forms, Pardot, SharpSpring Forms, etc.
  • Ontraport Lightbox Popup: Use Ontraport CRM popups to convert a greater number of leads.
  • TotalSend WordPress Popup: TotalSend popups will help generate more leads and reduce bounce rate.

Even More Integrated Marketing Tools

  • WooCommerce Popups: This tool will allow you to add free shopping and announcement bars, upsell popups, cross-sell popups, and other WooCommerce popups.
  • BigCommerce Popups: Increase sales conversions and reduce cart abandonment with BigCommerce by creating exit popups, opt-in forms, and other strategic popup types.
  • ManyChat Popups: Increase chatbot subscribers on Facebook with personalized popups.
  • Shopify Popups: Create customized cross sell popups, upsell popups, discount popups, cart abandonment popups, free shipping bars, and other popups specifically for Shopify Stores.
  • Magento Popups: Create customized cross sell popups, upsell popups, discount popups, cart abandonment popups, free shipping bars, and other popups specifically for Magento stores.
  • WPForms Popup: Embed any WPFroms inside lightbox popup modals.
  • Gravity Forms Popup: Easily create contact popups, payment form popups, login form popup, user registration popup, and other types of popups.
  • Additional Contact Form Popups: Create contact forms with Ninja Form Popup and Contact Form 7 Popup tools.


  • Popups builder
  • Popup templates
  • Exit intent popups
  • Popup analytics
  • Website personalization


  1. Install the Personizely plugin onto your WordPress Website, Activate it.
  2. Press connect in the plugin setup screen.
  3. You’re all set up. All the popups and personalizations created in Personizely will be applied to you WordPress website.


Can I use the plugin without having an Personizely account?

You can install the plugin but in order to use Personizely’s capabilities you’d need to have an account.

Is the plugin free?

The plugin itself is free but in order to use it properly you’d need a Personizely account. Plans start at 29$ per month.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes you can test Personizely for free (no credit card required) for 14 days.

Do I have to install the code manually?

No, the code is going to be inserted manually. You just have to connect your Personizely account.


April 29, 2024
You can’t use this plugin, unless you buy a paid subscription.
June 7, 2021
I was looking for a fast and relatively easy way to make pop-ups, and really glad that I found it. Super excited that I can change things up whenever I have some new content as well. I am very particular about design and it is a great solution for me. Good work!
June 3, 2021
Absolutely love the plugin. It’s been a pleasure to work with it, so many cool features! Happy that I can use it on my wordpress website!
May 27, 2021
Thank you so much for the help, and answering all my questions. I was really impressed how fast all my issues were solved. Thanks again and keep doing great work!
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