Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce


Struggling to make a data-driven action plan for your WooCommerce store? Say no more, because the solution is here: Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce.

Our plugin allows you to track every step of your customer’s journey, from product impressions to purchases, providing you with reliable insights that help to optimize your online store’s performance and make effective business decisions.

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  • Detailed eCommerce Tracking: Track all steps of your customer’s journey, including product impressions, clicks, add-to-cart, checkout, and product purchases.
  • Custom Dimensions and Metrics: Set up custom dimensions and metrics to track additional information about your products, customers, and transactions.
  • Dynamic Remarketing: Enables dynamic remarketing to show personalized ads to people who have interacted with your products but haven’t made a purchase.
  • Real-time tracking: Get updates on all essential performance metrics in real-time.
  • Advanced eCommerce Analytics Tracking: Set-up and track the performance of custom events for unstoppable growth.


  1. Customer Behavior Analysis: Utilize detailed tracking to understand how customers interact with your products and optimize their experiences.
  2. Personalize Marketing Strategy: Use dynamic remarketing to target customers who have shown interest in your products but have yet to make a purchase.
  3. Data-driven Decision Making: Use advanced analytics to make effective business decisions.
  4. Monitor Performance: Keep track of all relevant performance metrics in real-time for incessant performance monitoring and improvement.

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  • “Really easy way to insert Google Analytics tracking code.” – Verified Buyer
  • “Very happy with plugin function & also, the support team is quite helpful.” – Oliver Coleman, Operational Head
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Invest in our Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce plugin and upgrade your WooCommerce store to the next level.

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Upgrade to Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics PRO to get all the advanced features.

  • Quick & Easy Integration with Multiple Analytics tools
  • WooCommerce Ecommerce tracking
  • Enable WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration
  • Enable Google Adwords Conversion tracking
  • Integrate your eCommerce store with Woopra analytics tools
  • Integrate your eCommerce store with Gosquared analytics tools
  • Enable Facebook ad Conversion Tracking
  • Submit the Conversion Value to Google Analytics
  • Integrate your eCommerce store with Gosquared analytics tools
  • Enable Twitter ad E-commerce Conversion Tracking
  • Tracking Total Order Revenue
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    πŸ“£ PREMIUM: Enhanced E-Tracking β€” Try the Pro Version Today!



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    Q: How can I set up Ecommerce Tracking on my website?

    1. Log into your Google Analytics Account.
    2. Navigate to Admin View E-commerce Settings and enable Enhanced E-commerce for your view.
    3. Label your checkout steps for clarity, such as:
      • Step 1: Checkout View
      • Step 2: Billing Info
      • Step 3: Proceed to Payment
    4. Go to the WordPress Dashboard, find DotStore Plugins, and select Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce plugin. Activate it.
    5. In the settings, check “Add Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Code”.
    6. Click the “Google Ecommerce Tracking Settings” tab within the plugin and enable the feature.
    7. Enter your Google Analytics UID.

    Q: How do I verify if Google Analytics is installed on all pages?

    Open any page of your site, right-click, select Inspect Network tab, and then reload the page. Search for “google analytics” to see if your tracking code is active.

    Q: Why does Google Analytics indicate the tracking code isn’t detected even though it’s installed?

    Google Analytics requires some time to begin reflecting data. It is advised to wait at least 24 hours. If issues persist, consult the Google Analytics Help Center.

    Q: How do I set up Google Adwords Conversion Tracking for my WooCommerce store?

    Follow the guidance document on Google Adwords Conversion and Set Up Google Adwords Conversion Tracking. No code adjustments are needed; the plugin automates these steps.

    Q: What is Woopra, and how do I integrate it with my site?

    Woopra specializes in customer analytics. You can integrate Woopra by signing into your account (or creating one) and enabling tracking through the plugin settings.

    Q: How can I set up Gosquared Tracking on my site?

    Sign into your Gosquared Account or create a new one, enable gosquared tracking, and input your tracking ID and Gosquared Tracking API Key in the plugin settings.

    Q: Do I need to manually insert the Facebook Pixel code?

    No manual code insertion is needed. Simply enter your Pixel ID into the designated field in the plugin’s admin area.

    How can I verify if the Facebook Pixel has been added to my site?

    Use the Chrome Pixel Helper extension. After installation, navigate to your site, and the extension will indicate whether the Pixel is active.

    Where can I find more documentation or get support?

    For comprehensive guides, tutorials, and FAQ, visit our Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce plugin page. For direct support or to provide feedback, please create a support ticket here.

    Q: How does the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce plugin benefit my store?

    This plugin provides in-depth tracking of customer behavior, product impressions, and purchase activities. It allows for personalized marketing strategies, dynamic remarketing, and detailed insights into the customer journey, ultimately helping optimize store performance.

    Q: Is the plugin compatible with Google Analytics 4?

    Yes, our plugin is designed to seamlessly integrate with both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4, ensuring you can keep tracking your WooCommerce website effectively.

    Q: Can I track custom events with this plugin?

    Absolutely. The plugin enables you to set up and track custom events, giving you further insights into how users interact with your store, which is crucial for optimizing and enhancing the shopping experience.


    April 6, 2021
    Does what it says, just what I needed after all the other bloated plugins as monsterinsights and such.
    September 3, 2016
    WooCommerce Ecommerce Tracking for Google and Facebook plugin is for these who wants to use Ecommerce tracking, Facebook Conversion, Google Conversion into your WooCommerce site. This plugin is boost your business and Enhance your marketing. WooCommerce Ecommerce Tracking for Google and Facebook plugin is add settings tab (Ecommerce Tracking Settings) in WooCommerce setting section.
    September 3, 2016 1 reply
    Hello Multidots… Excellent! This plugin helps me to keep tracking my business and most important this is a free ! Thanks πŸ™‚
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    Change log


    • [Enhancement] Plugin UI enhancement
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce 9.1.x
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WordPress 6.5.x


    • [Enhancement] Plugin UI enhancement
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce 8.8.x
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WordPress 6.5.x


    • [New] Added GA4 IP Anonymization
    • [New] Added GA4 Opt Out
    • [New] Added GA4 Purchase event
    • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes related to the Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce HPOS
    • [Enhancement] New design implementation
    • [Enhancement] Enabled GA4 compatibility
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce 8.2.x
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WordPress 6.3.x


    • [Fixed] Minor bug fixed related to PHP 8.1 compatibility
    • [Enhancement] Quick fix related to the Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce 7.9.x
    • [Enhancement] Compatible with WordPress 6.2.x


    • [New] Google Analytics 4 Opt-Out
    • [Fixed] Single quotes product name jQuery issue
    • [Fixed] Compatible with PHP 8
    • [Update] Compatible with WooCommerce 7.5.x
    • [Update] Compatible with WordPress 6.2.x


    • Fixed – Deprecated jQuery calls
    • Update – freemius SDK version
    • Compatible with WooCommerce 6.7.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 6.0.x


    • Compatible with WooCommerce 6.2.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.9.x


    • Fixes – Fixes minor php notice issue
    • Compatible with WooCommerce 6.1.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


    • New – Option to login via Gmail for GA and GA4
    • New – Added option to accept privacy policy terms
    • Update – Compatible with WooCommerce 6.0.x
    • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


    • New – I.P. Anonymization
    • New – Google Analytics Opt-Out
    • Fixed – Minor bug fixed related to version compatible
    • Update – Compatible with WooCommerce 5.9.x
    • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


    • Compatible with WooCommerce 5.3.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.7.x


    • Compatible with WooCommerce 5.1.x
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.7.x


    • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.7.1
    • Compatible with WordPress 5.5.3

    3.3 – 20-11-2020

    • Maintenance Release

    3.2 – 29-09-2020

    • Compatible with WordPress 5.5.x
    • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.5.x

    3.1 – 26-05-2020

    • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.4.x
    • Update – Compatible with WooCommerce 4.2.x

    3.0 – 05-02-2020

    • Enhanced new code.
    • Update – Compatible with WooCommerce 3.9.x

    2.4.2 – 18-11-2019

    • Check WordPress and WooCommerce compatibility

    2.4.1 – 23-09-2019

    • Upgrade Fancybox v2.0 to v3.0

    2.4 – 20-09-2019

    • Maintenance Release

    2.3 – 26-03-2019

    • Normal Bug Fix.

    2.2 – 12-08-2018

    • Check WordPress and WooCommerce compatibility

    2.1 – 19-06-2018

    • Normal Bug Fix.

    2.0 – 05-06-2018

    • Normal Bug Fix.

    1.9 – 04-06-2018

    • Normal Bug Fix.
    • Check WordPress compatibility

    1.8 – 25-04-2018

    • Normal Bug Fix.
    • Check WordPress and WooCommerce compatibility

    1.7 – 23-02-2018

    • Subscription form added

    1.6 – 12-06-2017

    • WordPress compatibility 4.8

    1.5 – 18-04-2017

    • Normal Bug Fix.
    • WooCommerce compatibility 3.0.x

    1.4 – 08-03-2017

    • Normal Bug Fix.

    1.3 – 30-12-2016

    • Check WordPress and WooCommerce compatibility

    1.2 – 26-08-2016

    • Check WordPress and WooCommerce compatibility

    1.0.2 – 06.7.2016

    • Fix – Php error notice

    1.1.1 – 01.12.2015

    • Tweak – Remote request handles on activate.