This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WordPress WooCommerce 微信支付插件


二维码正常显示,真正可用的微信支付插件,支持PC扫码支付,支持退款,支持汇率,需要开通腾讯官方微信支付商户,如需H5支付和微信红包推广,请购买企业版:WordPress WooCommerce微信支付红包版

Features for Enterprise version:

  • WooCommerce子插件,完美兼容
  • 在WooCommerce添加微信支付网关
  • 支持汇率换算,需要手动设置汇率
  • PC端支持微信扫码支付
  • 微信端支持公众号支付(需购买企业版)
  • 手机浏览器支持H5支付(需购买企业版)
  • 微信红包促销功能(需购买企业版)
  • 红包推广:分享产品,产品被购买获得红包(需购买企业版)
  • 红包返现:微信支付成功送红包,刺激下单支付(需购买企业版)
  • 微信自动登录,并且同步微信头像(需购买微信登录插件)
  • 退款功能,直接退款到微信零钱或银行卡
  • 微信地址同步到收货地址(需购买企业版)
  • 跨域共享,多个网站共用一个微信支付账户(需购买企业版)
  • 适合任意WooCommerce主题
  • 演示站点:
  • 帮助文档:

Support Mail:

  • Mailbox:

Remove plugin

  1. Deactivate plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Delete plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


  • WeChat settings page in CN
  • Checkout with option for wechat payment.
  • Order pay screen, including QR code of wechat and payment amount.
  • Pay screen in weChat
  • weChat mobile Screenshots
  • weChat mobile Screenshots
  • weChat mobile Screenshots


  1. Install WooCommerce plugin and configure your store (if you haven’t done so already –
  2. Install “WeChatPay for WooCommerce” wordpress plugin just like any other WordPress plugin.
  3. Activate.
  4. Setup your weChat application id, merchant id, key, throuth Woocommerce -> Settings -> Payment Gateways -> WeChatPay.
    You can apply wechat payment through
  5. If the main currency of your store is not Chinese Yuan, please also set the exchange rate so that weChat can convert the price to Chinese Yuan.
  6. Help documentation:


  1. Q:为什么我的二维码不显示?A:通常缺少php组件或支付商户号写错了,麻烦看帮助文档。
  2. Q:为什么只有扫码支付? A:免费版只有扫码支付,如需要H5支付和公众号支付,请购买企业版:WordPress WooCommerce微信支付红包版
  3. More questions please send a message to consulting



March 20, 2019
This plugin setup is pretty straight forward. The website provides video tutorial. Just follow it everything should work as you expected. 5 stars plugin.
September 3, 2016
没有有效的说明文档,折腾了很久根本就无法使用。 随插件有一个文档,指引到官方网站的配置教程,但是,但是教程只是给出一半,总是有一部分东西藏着,就是希望我们用不了,然后购买他们的付费版。 中国的开发者真是钱遮眼
September 3, 2016
这个插件是免费版的,完美支持WooCommerce商城,能方便地扫码微信支付。 第一版在移动端也会显示微信支付图标,给作者提了建议,很快出了新版,可以在后台关掉移动端的微信支付显示。虽然是免费插件,但作者的响应的速度还是相当快的!
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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress WooCommerce 微信支付插件” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change log


  • [Added] 兼容WooCommerce 3.6.2


  • [Added] 优化结算页面显示效果
  • [Added] 兼容WooCommerce 3.5.7


  • [Fixed] 兼容最新的woocommerce3.2.X,老用户不用更新


  • [Fixed] 兼容最新的woocommerce3.1.X,WooCommerce老用户不用更新


  • [Added] 稳定版本,重构二维码显示问题


  • [Added] WeChat automatic login,and synchronize avatar and nickname


  • [Added] Red envelope used for sales promotion;Red envelope got at random for sharing the product among the Moments.Red envelope of cashback: the amount of cashback will be sent directly after the payment in a red envelope.


  • [Added] Currency conversion with manual setting of exchange rate,Support H5 In-App Web-based Payment (Official Account Payment)


  • [Added] Initial Version.