Webinar Plugin: Create live/evergreen/automated/instant webinars, stream & Zoom Meetings | WebinarIgnition


For high conversions the unlimited CTAs (Call-to-Actions) are inside the webinar. Which converts much better and more often than the button leading to an external page. Compare this with an external sales agency and an in-house sales team. To see CTA details: Right click link and open in new tab

To keep the design the people trust, build all your webinar pages in your page builder and add the webinar functionality via shortcodes (placeholder). Select the custom page and WebinarIgnition replace the default pages. To see design details: Right click link and open in new tab

Scale up your income with a fully marketing automation integration. Use webhooks (on register, attended, purchased) to send user data to any CRM, service to include WebinarIgnition into your complete marketing. To see webhooks details: Right click link and open in new tab

To ensure known user registered when clicked a link (in a mail ect.), use less click registration to skip registration page and redirect user directly to the thank you page, webinar page, … To see integration details: Right click link and open in new tab

You like to receive before giving? We start giving by offering free setup service and also we want to know you better in the free appointments. See available dates: Right click link and open in new tab

Get know quickly & free if the webinar solution is the right for you, by opt-in inside the plugin and start the 30 days free trial. To see free trial details: Right click link and open in new tab
Need more time to setup, negotiate? Opt-in to the free version and use all evergreen features with only a registration limitation.

For more webinar success book your free 1:1 setup appointment now. Bring in all your questions and requirements

See what you get, in the hands on overview (01-2022)

Quick start evergreen webinar the WordPress way (08-2022)

Click to see the videos

Click to see the big knowledge base

To get ideas, examples for your own webinars visit updated evergreen demo pages please

Content of the page

  • Quick start video
  • Unique features
  • Ultimate features
  • Unique Call-to-Actions
  • Evergreen DEMO
  • Tutorials
  • Best Webinar platform to start with all ultimate features

What makes WebinarIgnition services so unique

  • Add any action INSIDE the webinar room above video or in the sidebar
  • Build custom webinar pages with shortcodes
  • Implement any functionality by plugin shortcode
  • Restricted white-labeled host & supporter areas
  • Any language possible, German, English included
  • Nice styled email reminders
  • Comprehensive SMTP settings and spamyness test

WebinarIgnition Ultimate Features

  • Multiple Call-to-Actions to boost sales in Evergreen/Automated and Live Webinars
  • Add webinar functionality to your design and layout with webinar shortcodes. Use your own page builder like Thrive themes, Elementor, Oxygen, OptimizePress, Beaver page builder, Avada, Enfold, flatsome, Pootlepress build-in editors.
  • Modern webinar room with flexible sidebar
  • 2-way Q&A chat system: multi-staff, hosts (Live webinars only at the moment)
  • White Label the Webinar Console for staff and hosts
  • Lock-out later comers and redirect them
  • Unlimited & flexible evergreen dates & times (From instant to once a week
  • Social sharing buttons & icons
  • and much much more…


See innovative, unique Call-to-Action (CTA)

which keep visitor in action, INSIDE the webinar and boost your conversions

See CTA KnowledgeBase article

Evergreen & Automated Webinar/Seminar DEMO

See own styled webinar registration page, multiple Call-to-Actions in modern webinar room with tabs and more …
Go to the Evergreen & Auto Webinar Demo

Webinar’s User features (features that webinar’s attendees see)

  • Multiple Email & Text Message (SMS) Reminders

  • Q&A section integrated and third-party Q&A / 2-way chat support

  • Add to Calendar allows users to add the event to their Google Calendars once they have registered for the webinar

  • “On-Air Message” allows you to push any Call to Action onto your live webinar page when you are ready. Perfect for when you are pitching your product. Push a CTA button or push any HTML or Plugin Short that you would like. That lets users do shopping, polls, appointments etc. inside webinar, live stream or online video call

  • Fully translatable (language), fully localised (date&time format)

Machine translated (DeepL):

  • es_ES, Spanish (Spain)
  • es_MX, Spanish (Mexico)
  • fr_FR, French (France)
  • hi_IN, Hindi (India) NEW
  • HR, Croatian (Croatia) NEW
  • it_IT, Italian (Italy)
  • JA, Japanese (Japan)
  • nl_NL, Dutch (Netherland)
  • pt_BR, Portuguese (Brazil)
  • ru_RU, Russian (Russia)
  • UK , Ukrainian (Ukraine)
  • zh_CN, Chinese (China)
  • hu_HU Hungarian,
  • tr_TR, Turkish


  • UR , Urdu (Pakistan and India) (!) site needs to be english
  • More machine translations for free on request via chat

Hand translated:

  • us_US, English (default)
  • de_DE, German informal (NOT SIE) (used for all german speaking countries)

Admin features

  • Customizable Registration, Confirmation, & Live Pages (Free)
  • Add the webinar features via shortcodes to your designed pages (Ultimate)
  • Embed any video feed such as Youtube Live, Facebook LiveStream and Ustream into your Live Webinar Page.
  • Embed any call- and meeting feed such as Zoom meetings, Jitsi Meet, into your Live Webinar Page.

  • Sales and Conversion Tracking with provided tracking script (Live console).

  • Integrate with any email auto-responder including top providers like GetResponse, Aweber, iContact, SendReach, Mautic and MailChimp.
    For German speakers we offer a full Webinar integration with KlickTipp via WP2LEADS, see more in the FAQ below.
    see more in the FAQ below.)
    see more in FAQ below. only #)

  • “Live Console” to easily manage your webinar or stream as it is happening.
    Monitor the number of attendees in your webinar or video conference calls in real-time (only live), total users,
    total sales/revenue, see and answer questions, export, import (only live) leads and more!

  • Paid Online or Recorded Webinars/Seminars/Streams: Host and charge your registrants a fee to attend one of your webinars, streams, live Q&As, video conferences and more. Integrates with virtually any payment gateway.

  • 1-Click Registration: Register 100% of your subscribers for a webinar with the click of a link. As soon as someone clicks a link in your email, it will automatically register them for your webinar event.
    Usage example: Register your paid clients directly from your email provider after receiving payments notification inside your email provider.

Overview video

Video is some years old, a lot redone and ultimate features added since the beginning of 2021 are not included 😉

Tutorials – Clear & Easy Instructions

Use Jitsi Meet and Zoom Meetings, Zoom Calls and Live Webinars inside WebinarIgnition and you can:

  • get email address for webinar content,
  • send email reminders, notifications
  • track and engage with your audience & potential leads
  • convert more with inside webinar custom Call-To-Actions (More sales, more appointments, more referrers, …).

Lots of useful tutorials, solution videos & more (right click and open in new window please)


  • Webinar Registration page designed with own page builder (elementor) and the WebinarIgnition registration shortcode (Registration in PopUp or inside page)
  • Webinar Registration Page (mobile responsive, 3 default layouts, style settings available)
  • Webinar confirmation page (1 of 3 default styles), shortcodes to design your own available
  • Modern webinar room template & sidebar with unlimited tabs and flexible tab content
  • Modern webinar room template with default CTA Button which opens an external page!
  • Modern webinar room with unlimited Call-to-Actions in a video overlay, inside the webinar!
  • Webinar default Page
  • 2 CTAs with a poll - add plugin output here
  • 2 CTAs with a poll - mobile view - add any shortcode here
  • Add external payment gateways - mobile view - like Freemius, WooCommerce
  • Sent recorded and live webinar reminders beautifully
  • Compare Level and Typ to see what fits best for you


  1. Upload the WebinarIgnition folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Why choose webinar WordPress plugins compared to an external webinar service?

Plattform webinar features comparison:

  • Unlimited webinars* : Limited webinars
  • Unlimited attendees* : Limited attendees
  • Unlimited duration* : Limited duration
  • Pay one price : Pay for what you may use
  • Any language : Only the language offered
    (We help you with free DeepL translation)
  • All in one place : Webinar hosted by a proprietary platform
    (Make a backup and take your whole online business copy with you)
  • Do your own design : Only the design offered
    (Add webinar functionality inside your design)
  • Do it your way : Only the functionality offered
    (Extend webinar pages with any of the 59.812 free and open-source plugins Please hold STRG/CMD and click to open in a new tab)

With webinar WordPress plugins you are part of the unlimited and beautiful WordPress ecosystem which powers more than 41% of all websites (Please hold STRG/CMD and click to open in a new tab).
What to choose: A proprietary webinar platform or an easy and flexible platform? I would feel adventurous, open and choose one of the webinar WordPress plugins.
I am happy to choose WordPress in 2014 and built two growing businesses on it. A herbal shop and a webinar WordPress plugin business.

*Only the server which getting cheaper and cheaper is the limit. We working on a solution to take also this load from you.

How is webinar marketing automation working with WebinarIgnition?

The to show you how webinar marketing automation is working by telling the possible customer story: User brought by ads sign up through webinar registration, will be reminded before and on the webinar date. During registration, the user is also added to your e-mail marketing provider, with all the details from the registration form. In webinars, you can show the webinar attendee unlimited actions, like polls, sales offers or appointments they can book. You can nearly use any of the free https://wordpress.org/plugins/. If you have more than this in mind for your webinar marketing automation then tell us your needs here in the chat

I do not see the Account page, what should i do?

On the WebinarIgnition dashboard page, click Opt-in to see the account button in top right corner, on next page click Allow & Continue button. After this, your account page will be available under WebinarIgnition menu.

I bought freemius license, but license still not upgraded. How to get my plugin upgraded?

  • Please check your mail box. After you bought a license, you need to activate the new version via email link.
  • In some cases if the previous step doesn’t activate the license you’ve purchased, visit Account page under Webinarignition menu. You will find there all your license info. Click Sync link, to update info and fix the license issue.
  • Also you can do it by clicking Activate license link under the WebinarIgnition title on Plugins page and add your license sent via email.
  • Change the email address to match with the buyer email address and see the bought license
    Go to account and in the line of the email please click “edit” and follow the global message for details see this video:

How do users join to my webinar or video conference?

Via custom link to your video conference or webinar. You can also share your link via email and social media platforms.

Do I have to create a separate page for the video meeting or can I implement it on any page?

The choice is yours, you can add it with shortcodes to an already existing page or post, or you can create a completely new page/post.

Is the plugin compatible with any WordPress theme?

Yes, the plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme. Install it, activate it and enjoy the perfect performance.

Am I able to manage my webinar or video conference users?

Yes, you have a Live Console dashboard inside your WordPress site. Complete control and management of your users and attendees.

How quickly can I get to start hosting the video conference?

Just activate the plugin on your website and get started within minutes.

Does the plugin support Gutenberg and Elemento, Divi builders?

Yes, you can create meetings, webinars, seminars, streams and video conference calls inside any editor or theme builder.

Does this plugin uses shortcodes?

Yes, with the shortcodes you can easily add webinar or video calls on any page, post or sidebar. Read more in our KB

I want a refund, what is the procedure?

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If over the next 30 days you are unhappy with our plugin or have an issue that we are unable to resolve, we’ll happily consider offering a 100% refund of your money.
Read more in our KB

Who do I contact for any kind of support?

For instant support, please send us a message inside the website chat, or you can also contact us through Support. You can also visit our Knowledge Database to find answers to your question. Read more in our KB

Can I add my logo to the video conference or stream?

Yes, you can use your own branding elements inside your webinar, stream or video conference, also known as white labeling.

Where will my video conference recording be stored?

The recording option is only available inside third-party apps like Zoom, Jitsi, Google Meet and others.

Can I do live streaming?

Yes, you can do live streaming with our plugin, even with YouTube, Zoom, Google Meet, Jitsi and others. Read more in our KB

Do I need a Zoom account?

Yes, you should be registered in Zoom. Also, depending on the zoom account plan you are using. Read more in our KB

Does it work with all streaming services?

Yes, all that provides an embedded or an iframe code (like Youtube Live, Jitsi Meet Integration, Facebook Live) or a shortcode like the ZOOM integration will work. See the full list and tutorial on how to set up the webinar streaming service.

How to sell live webinars (do paid webinars) in WordPress…

  • Paid live & evergreen webinars: with Stripe, PayPal and since also with WooCommerce
    See article and video for details

  • With KlickTipp and WebinarIgnition
    Connect the payment processor like PayPal or Digistore24 with KlickTipp.
    On the payment tag, sent a mail with the one-click registration link:
    Use the link in emails. Replace NAME/EMAIL with wildcards e.g. %Subscriber:CustomFieldFirstName% %Subscriber:EmailAddress%

  • With MailChimp ect. and WebinarIgnition
    Connect the payment processor like PayPal MailChimp.
    On payment confirmation, sent a mail with the one click registration link:
    Use the link in emails. Replace NAME/EMAIL with wildcards e.g. MailChimp with |EMAIL| |FNAME| and the link looks like this with the parameter added.

User story, how a user gets automatically registered to a webinar:
Before the email is sent the parameter in the link are replaced by NAME/EMAIL of the user.
When user click the link in his postbox he will be auto-registered and redirected to the webinar confirmation page.

One-click registration only working at the moment with live webinars. If you want to sell also evergreen/automated/recorded Webinar then hide your webinar registration page and give access only to the customers. So you share the link to the registration page instead of using the one click registration link.

By the way: One click registration for evergreen is on our very long nice-to-have feature list. If you need it ASAP then we give you a quote and do it quicker.
We can develop a solution to start the webinar 5 minutes after the user clicked the link.
You can do a 6 Minutes countdown in your email and a 5 minutes countdown on the registration confirmation page.

Has WebinarIgnition a full integration with KlickTipp email marketing service?

Yes, it has. That means you know exactly when attended, how long stayed, when exited when rejoined and has seen the CTA1, CTA2, … (recorded webinars only).
With this data and the KlickTipp campaign which comes with the connection, you can automate and fine-tune your webinar user experience in every detail.

Some cases:

  • You can get them back when they drop out for any reason.
  • If too long outside the webinar and CTA not seen offer a new webinar date.
  • Sell if they have not bought but seen the whole webinar.
  • Upsell if they have seen the whole webinar and bought.

WP2LEADS is used to connect KlickTipp and WebinarIgnition
Complex KlickTipp Webinar Campagne included start with the connection with this video:

read more here.

KlickTipp about: It is a german started email marketing provider, who really use the full advantages of tag (digital post-its on an email address), to laser-sharp automate email marketing.

Did you searched for the KlickTipp webinar 2022? <- Please follow my Affiliate link to support WP2LEADS development.

I know you can use this plug-in to charge for webinars. Is it possible to grant members the ability to view the webinar without paying?

For example, we have a group of members that are in a paid coaching program. We would like to give free webinars access to those coaching member, but charge others that are not in the program.
Yes you can, read more, about what is possible when creating paid webinars, here.


Apr 30, 2023
I've enjoyed the flexibility and support I've received with this plugin. Ehtisham was nothing but helpful during my time customizing a thank you and webinar page. I highly recommend this plugin!
Apr 26, 2023
I recently tried out, webinar ignition & honestly, I was pretty impressed with how easy it was to use and set up my first webinar. Plus the customer support representative Ehtisham was extremely helpful! I really liked how customizable the plugin was, especially with the registration page and email reminders. It made my webinar feel more personal and on-brand. One thing that stood out to me was the analytics feature. It gave me a lot of insight into how my attendees engaged with the webinar, which was super helpful for improving future webinars. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this plugin if you're looking for a solid option for hosting webinars on your WordPress site.
Apr 16, 2023
Ehtisham went over and above what we asked. He was always helpful and very responsive. Kind, considerate and very good at communicating. We would work with him over and over again. Webinar Ignition is a great pluggin for creating a webinar. It has so many features that supported most everything we needed. Thank you so very much.

Contributors & Developers

“Webinar Plugin: Create live/evergreen/automated/instant webinars, stream & Zoom Meetings | WebinarIgnition” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Webinar Plugin: Create live/evergreen/automated/instant webinars, stream & Zoom Meetings | WebinarIgnition” has been translated into 5 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “Webinar Plugin: Create live/evergreen/automated/instant webinars, stream & Zoom Meetings | WebinarIgnition” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

Change log

3.00.3 25.05.2023

All features free and webinars and settings in 18 languages

plus your own language via loco translate or via our support (like polish recently)

That make WebinarIgnition maybe the only WordPress webinar plugin in unlimited languages

  • Fix: Default WP translation issues
    Benefits: Your site is in german, spanish and the webinar (and settings are) in this language too.
    Like you are used to it when working with plugins.
  • Fixed: Language for Japan email tab was not showing (complete re- translation)
  • Change: Disable non opt-in options
  • Change: Show opt-in buttons on disabled options
  • Change: Remove opt-in button above
  • Fix: All features available issue for former licenses (basic/pro/enterprise)

  • Soon: Default webinar settings language follows the user language or the site language.
    (by removing the option and do WP default behavior)
    Benefits: Language in settings like you are used to it.
    Example: Your website is setup in spanish and the admin does not speak spanish he gets his settings in english.
    Workaround: On create webinar set “use webinar language in settings” to “no”.
    For me workaround was not working and still got the webinar language in settings.

3.00.2 18.05.2023

  • Fixed free version without admin opt-in: Admin can now create evergreen webinars in own language and date & time format
    Benefits: You can test all features just by activating the plugin and if you like more registrations opt-in via the dashboard.
  • Updated: Freemius SDK (That handles opt-in to get free registrations, license ect.)
  • SOON Fixed free version without admin opt-in: Admin can now create live webinars in own language and date & time format
    Workaround: If you like live webinars in own language and date & time format opt-in via the dashboard.

Overall you see the limitations of free version have been widely added and step by step they are discovered and removed.
Not to add limitations code brings the benefits of faster development and less stress on my side testing. 😉
And you can test all ultimate features just by activating the plugin.

Gifts for user with license bought 2013 – 01/2021

  • If you are basic we generated at least 3 license keys.
    Use them to activate license inside Version 3 and get 100 free registrations per months with all ultimate features.
  • If you are Premium/Enterprise we generated at least 10 license keys.
    Use them to activate license inside Version 3 and get 200 free registrations per months with all ultimate features.

Steps to get free registrations:

Still available:

3.00.1 13.05.2023

Recurring debug and error log check revealed some warnings we fixed
* Fix: PHP notices and warnings in error log
* Fix: Error in Premium version

  • Added: Reset registration count when trial is activated
    Benefits: When start trial you get the full 500 registrations.
    The 45 minutes limit is still active when not paid license.
  • Added: Stop counting registrations when ultimate is activated
    Benefits: When used over 500 registrations and going back to free registration is still open.
    The 45 minutes limit is still active when not paid license.

Changes per license level see below please

A fixed 2.x version is not yet available, feel free to use version 3

3.00.0 09.05.2023

Upgrade 3.x with major free, former license changes

Is there any change for the paying Ultimate users?


  • Background:
    Not when it is about the features. You get already all features ad in future you will get all features.
    You will benefit by the new development speed by maintain only one ultimate license level.
    Background: The different license levels (basic, enterprise, free, trial, paid) took so much time:
    describing to dev, developing, testing, describing to you.

Is there any change for the trial Ultimate users?

  • Yes. You also get the 45 minutes webinar room attendee time limit

Is there any change for the free Ultimate users?

  • Yes. You also get the 45 minutes webinar room attendee time limit
  • Yes. You get a over all webinars registration limit 5-500 registrations per month
    To activate 500 free registrations per month for unlimited time you need to opt-in and show branding.
  • You get all ultimate features
  • This is an manual update and can be only done via plugins and only alone.

Is there any change for the former license owner 2013 to 01-2021?

  • Yes. You get a over all webinars registration limit (basic 100, other 200 registrations per month)
  • You get all ultimate features
  • This is an manual update and can be only done via plugins and only alone.

On issues or if you like former unlimited registrations

Get the latest 2.16.3. version here
* If you are former license owner 2013 to 01-2021 you can go back to features you had when bought plugin and with unlimited registrations.
* If something is not working you can use this as a fallback version. Please do a screencast and report the issue before going to 2.x.

If you want unlimited registrations and unlimited webinar room attendee time buy the paid license as low as $16 a month (yearly paid)

Buy on website or for easy license activation directly inside the plugin.

2.16.3 09.05.2023

  • Updated: Freemius SDK

Last update before 3.x with major free license changes

Looking forward to the real changes: All features for free for unlimited time, with a registration, time limit only.
Benefits: You can setup, test, start all for free.

When 3.x is released?


2.16.2 13.04.2023

  • Text update

2.16.1 11.04.2023

  • Added back: language .po files
    Benefits: Easy to translate again.
    Background: With loco translate and only the .mo files you possible miss data and need to translate again
  • Added: Polish deepL translated language files
    Background: User ask us via support to add his languages and we did
    Benefits: User can now have all text on pages, notifications, settings ect. in his language polish
  • Updated Freemius SDK
    Benefits: One error less

2.16.0 28.03.2023

All Update Please

I did a mistake in 2.15.6 and if update to 2.16.0 or higher is NOT shown:
Please deinstall plugin and install again via “plugins” “Add new” “WebinarIgnition”.
Sorry Tobias

Last update before 3.x with major changes

  • Added: Deactivate auto update on “plugins” page
  • Added: Deactivate bulk update on “plugins” page
  • Added: Hide update on “updates” page
  • Added: Manual update once to version 3.x
  • Added: Massage of major changes for free, former (Basic, Pro, Enterprise) lisenses
    Will be viewed before upgrade to 3.x and when version 3.00.0 is released

What else?

Trial user also get now the webhooks feature
Tested with PHP 8.1.16 seeing only some warnings (will check the warnings later)
To be on the save side please use 8.0.28+

2.15.6 22.03.2023

All update please

Final Freemius SDK update

  • fix: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Freemius_Api_WordPress::RemoteRequest()
    For details see: https://github.com/Freemius/wordpress-sdk/releases/tag/2.5.5

Looking forward to the real changes: All features for free for unlimited time.
Benefits: You can test, setup, begin all for free.

2.15.4 + 2.15.5 17.03.2023

  • Updated Freemius: for better handling of opt-in, license, analytics, affiliation, …

2.15.3 07.03.2023

Freemius SDK update

  • improving connection
  • Stopp connection test on plugin activation
  • Create Affiliation inside the plugin is working again
    please join and earn 40% on new customer including renewals

Version 3.x+ will be ultimate features for all with total registration limited per months.

2.15.1 + 2.15.2 22.02.2023

  • Fix: Translation issues in French and some other languages are fixed
    Benefits: You can now use single and double quotation in translation without issues.
  • Change: Activate only one plugin instance at a time
    Benefits: When you upgrade to premium by installing the premium plugin, the free plugin got deactivated to avoid issues.
    Hint: Keep the deactivated free plugin to see all updates, if you stop your subscription and could not update premium, continue using the latest free version.

BEST: As the free plugin files contains all features, keep free and activate your license inside and have always the latest most stable version …

2.15.0 09.02.2023

Jippi live webinars are fixed. Thank you so much developer Idrees

  • Fix: On-Air CTA data wiped-out on save webinar settings
  • Fix: On-Air CTA stopped displaying if we turn it off and on again
  • Change: Instantly display On-Air CTA on toggling on/off without clicking save button

See for how beautiful it is now working

PS: You can also add shortcodes inside the CTA

See video how to add a shortcode to a live CTA please:

Possible CTA Content:

New color picker working more nicely

  • Fix: New color picker does not work for evergreen webinars CTAs button on cloning
  • Fix: Landing page area background color not working
    Benefits: On default registration pages you can now set the background color to even attract more attention.
  • New: Added Thank you page CTA border color
  • Change: Registration, thank you page CTA area should be without borders by default
    Benefits: By default the video, iframe and image does not have a border anymore 😉

Display Your Webinars in a Grid Layout (beta)

Full article with details

Thank you ajd07, truecare, bfit1 for so nice WordPress.org reviews

Free setup appointments: Available, highly and successfully used

2.14.4 31.01.2023

  • Updated: Fix: Apply transparency border on Registration Image CTA does not work for 2nd design on mobile
  • Updated: Languages
  • Updated: WebinarIgnition logos ect. the footer branding

2.14.3 26.01.2023

  • Fix: Security vulnerability found by “patchstack”
  • Change: Replace color picker to wp-color-picker
    Benefits: Color picker is more easy to use
  • Added: Apply transparency via color picker
    Benefits: No border when select transparency (clear color) 😉
    Example: For example borderless MP4/Youtube/Image registration CTA
  • Added: Transparency option.
    Hint: Option does not make sense on all settings.
    For example on webinar background does not work because not showing host details and footer text.
  • Plugin is running with PHP version 8.1.14 in test environment
    PHP 8.1.x changelog https://www.php.net/ChangeLog-8.php#PHP_8_1
    We suggest to run the latest 8.0.x version
    PHP 8.0.x changelog https://www.php.net/ChangeLog-8.php#PHP_8_0
    WordPress itself: “PHP 7.4 or greater”

Truecare: Great Support!
Thank you Ehtisham for your support! You are soo easy to work with and you are very patient. I will refer all my business associates who need support to you!!!
Source: WordPress.org reviews

Get the same webinar success support -> book your free 1:1 setup appointment now


We have plans to do a complete new mainly WP based plugin.
Gutenberg as main design editor to directly edit all pages
New WP/WOO like backend and complete PHP 8.1.x+ coding
Redo live webinars and combine them with evergreen
One click registration for evergreen, …

2.14.2 13.01.2023

Happy new 2023

  • Improved: When you install the premium version the free version automatically get deactivated
    PS: You can delete the free version

2.14.1 29.12.2022

  • Fix: Autoresponder (AR) JS error
    Found when adding RAW HTML Aweber form with some JS, thanks Carma, Ehtisham for bringing it up. Aweber Integration Article

This will improve other Integrations too, give feedback please.
* More preparation of the main plugin for upcoming webinar grid

Freemius (payment and license handling)

  • PHP 8.1 Compatibility improvements
    That does not mean WebinarIgnition is fully PHP 8.1.x compatible! This improves only Freemius!
    You can run WebinarIgnition on PHP 8.1.x and you will get notifications to update code.
    This are not errors, that keeps the plugin from running. When you got an error write us please.
  • Requires PHP, now shows on update when not using a compatible PHP version and stopp you from updating(to a version that is not running on your system).
    at the moment Requires PHP: 7.2.5
  • Tested up to improved (when value 6.1 is compatible to 6.1.2 too)

Last Milestones:

  • MP4 files on registration and thank you pages
  • Added “Ending Redirect Delay” for auto webinar
  • Keep showing CTAs at the end of the webinar
  • Beautiful custom (Shortcodes) webinar room CTAs with transparency
  • Do nearly the whole webinar room with ShortCodes SCs inside your page builder like elementor
    Sidebar is not yet available as a SCs
  • Custom Registration Shortcode for all licenses


After a lot of bug fixing, thanks a lot for the feedback and 1000 tickets since 01/2021,
we are going to redo the whole plugin. Making license system easier,
give you all features in free version with limited registrations.
New settings backend,
redo evergreen and create live webinar out of this code, (that is why we not update live webinars), …

All to make WebinarIgnition so flexible, extendable and beautiful like for example WooCommerce Shop plugin.

Useful pages

To get ideas, examples for your own webinars visit updated demo pages please
For more webinar success book your free 1:1 setup appointment now

2.14.0 16.12.2022

In my eyes, MP4 files are the purest way to show video, no related videos or controls shown, just autoplaying video

  • Added: MP4 video on registration page (default and done with Shortcodes)
  • Added: MP4 video on thank you page (default and done with Shortcodes)
    Benefits: Plugin try to play registration CTA video with sound, if fails autoplay muted and shows “unmute button”
    Sure in the webinar room we have the same nice MP4 player.
    Browser tested: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari on Windows and Mac
  • Changed: Use latest “videojs” library
  • Todo: Remove: Picture in Picture (PiP) on hover in Firefox on registration page, thank you page and webinar room
    Comment on PIP in Firefox, we found an iFrame solution, but it would not load the video as nice as a before.
    We feel as FF is not taking care of video standards like Chrome ect. we keep it like that. Also the market share of FF is very less.
    To get ideas, examples for your own webinars visit updated demo pages please

2.13.1 13.12.2022

Auto webinar ended redirect delay to show CTA after video ended

You can keep CTA a) showing permanently, b) with redirect, c) NEW with a delayed redirect

  • New: Added “Ending Redirect Delay” for auto webinar
    Benefits: In combination with keep showing the last CTAs you can show the CTA for x seconds before redirect.
    Tip: Show the CTA that is longer than the video time set the CTA hide time longer than the video time.
  • Fix: Redirect (if set) after video ended (to be working with the keep CTA shown at the end of the video)
  • Fix: Pass preview parameter to skip mark watch procedure
    Benefits: In preview also redirects, CTA showing to the end of the video and delayed redirect.
  • Fix: Button text missing, because of missing style, for always show sidebar CTA
  • Fix: Always show overlay CTA stopped working
  • Fix: Always show overlay CTA over-sizing issue
  • Fix: CTA action button does not display nice when text is long
  • Fix: Modern webinar room CTAs on mobile:
    Overlay CTA and Sidebar CTA was showing above each other below the video.
    Now: Sidebar CTAs show below the video and the overlay video keep showing above the video.
    If you need to have overlay CTA show below the video, that could be the case if you shown an iframe or high height content,
    a) use the former webinar room design (design and shortcode tab), that will show overlay content below.
    b) wait for the fix in next version, where it is improved

  • Fix: Fatal error, missing function is_ajax

  • Fix: Remove “preview=true” from registration URL input
    Benefits: you can now copy and share the registration link without modifying
  • Fix: Test AR modal box “Done” button not visible on mobile small screens
    Fix: Test AR modal box buttons text color
  • Fix: PHP Error
  • Change: Make lead param optional in webinarignition_get_lead_status method (WI Grid compatibility change)
    Benefits: Prepare for the soon releasing webinar grid/archive to view all or a part of your webinars in different overview pages.

After a lot of bug fixing, thanks a lot for the feedback and 1000 tickets since 01/2021,
we are going to redo the whole plugin. Making license system easier,
give you all features in free version with limited registrations.
New settings backend, …
All to make WebinarIgnition so flexible, extendable and beautiful like for example WooCommerce Shop plugin.

2.13.0 17.11.2022

Removed SMTP Settings completely!

You need to take action after update!

  • Benefits WebinarIgnition do not harm global WP mail sending, when not using WebinarIgnition SMTP settings. (Yes, this feature made more issues than doing good)
    What do you need to change after update, to get back the ability to alter sending email address, sender name and reply-to? Follow the updated SMTP KB article
  • Fixed: Redirection to custom webinar page (Page build with shortcode)

2.12.2 14.11.2022

To redo/improve

  • Support HTML subscription codes:
    • with security scripts in it (try to add the script directly to the custom registration page, (adding via Extra tab / JS it is not working yet.)
  • Redirecting from registration page to custom webinar page, when logged in as admin…
    Issue: At the moment redirect to default webinar page. (Thanks for Ehtisham for giving detailed issue report)
    Sorry for that – Workaround could be:
  • Setup the default modern webinar page with sidebar
  • Go to a version before 2.12.0 PREVIOUS VERSIONS

2.12.1 10.11.2022

  • Fix: HTML subscription code, transferring again, was not during redo. sorry for that.
    To transfer missed contact: Please go to the “Live Console” and “Participants” and export the attendees list in CSV.
    The CSV you can import into your email marketing provider. Sorry again.
  • Fix: AR form checkbox not submitting
  • Change: AR form code cleanup

  • Fix: After attending the webinar lead status keeps unchanged, when webinar has custom pages.

  • Updated: Translation of all 16 languages (84 new strings added. 25 obsolete strings removed)

  • Added: Hungarian, Turkish

2.12.0 31.10.2022

First the most user experience the main focus of the release was the webinar room build inside your page builder and added functionality by WebinarIgnition shortcodes.
Second the redirection system and “Single Lead User” (only one user per registration) was total updated, that’s why the release took so long to built/test and also fixes where delayed.

To be 100% sure it is working please test your webinars with the newest version and
report issues here.)

  • Redone: Redirect system from one page to an other
  • Redone: Preview functionality, now you can preview every shortcode customised page with your page builder
  • Redone: “Webinar is over” functionality, to view the evergreen webinar (including
    replay) only once to the user.
    Improvement: Redo “Single Lead” feature for EG webinars
    Change: Set lead status to “attending” when in the webinar
    Change: Display already watching somewhere else message, when same lead opened in other browser window, and has attending status
    Change: Unset attending status when browser/tab gets closed without finishing the webinar
    See article for all “Webinar is over” cases)

Beautiful custom (Shortcodes) webinar room CTAs with transparency, max-wight and keep showing at the end of the webinar

  • Added: most of the default webinar room to the webinar page could now be created by shortcodes
  • Added: Call-to-Action (CTA) in video overlay (not side bar shortcode yet, write us if you need it)
  • Added: Multiple CTA stay when video is ended (and no redirection URL is set)
    So attendee has the chance to successfully use your CTA.
  • NEEDED?: Also you can delay the redirect for x seconds.
    Please respond if you need this feature)

New: Added lead_status column to live webinar leads table
* Fixed: admin email notifications on new registrations on instant webinars.
Missed contacts please get via the CSV export “live console” / “participants” / “CSV Export”
* Fixed: Former webinar room design, shows double black video when video is not auto playing
* Fix: Default registration page not loading all necessary files
* Fix: PHP error for missing CTAs
* Fix: Register and load countdown scripts on shortcodes early
* Fix: ty_countdown shortcode timer

Use the success tracking pixel from the “live console” / “participants” / “goal tracking” to track successful CTA execution and sent via webhook to your CRM ect.

2.11.0 05.09.2022

Usability fixes

  • Fixed: Improvement: Retrieve Webinar ID from page meta
  • Change: on all pages, Hide outdated “Link to WebinarIgnition” metabox (dropdown to select the registration page)
    Background: Was used when only the former registration code was used.
    this registration code we not changed with this update.
  • Fix: Added links to admin dashboard, for easier navigation to MASS edit Webinars
    Benefits: Now you can STRG(WIn) or CMD(Mac) + click to open webinar in new tabs
  • Fix: Truncate text with “…”
    Benefits: more clean when have long webinar titles on admin dashboard that shows the list of webinars
  • Changed: Sort pages Shortcode dropdowns by name, added page ID for easier selection
    Benefits: quicker connect pages with shortcodes to replace the default pages.
    Hint: Type in the ID to quickly find your page
  • Fix: Sync Custom Reg page selection from webinar dashboard and design/Shortcodes tab

2.10.9 01.09.2022

  • Fixed: Console CSV export
    Now all custom fields are exported
    no data is lost as it was saved in DB and we now just call it different.

Please consider the webhooks option to transfer data instantly anywhere
See article for webhook details)

2.10.8 26.08.2022

  • Improved: License holder before 01/2021 can now easy switch to Ultimate

All details can be seen inside the plugin when click on the buttons:
“See why upgrading is essential before version 3”
“Success Boost & Trial 30 days & Save 100$ NOW!”
To see the buttons activate license, bought before 01/2021is, in plugin

Best switch before upcoming version 3.x to have a smooth webinar success.

2.10.7 18.08.2022

Custom Registration Shortcode

  • Improved: Now you can select the custom registration page directly in the dashboard
    Benefits: Fallback page on wrong url/access, to late accessed webinar will be the custom reg. page. Also the preview show the right URL.

If you use custom registration shortcode please select custom registration page

Sure only one registration shortcode per custom registration page 😉

  • Improved: Now on saving settings page will reload so you see the changes immediately.
    Example: You changed/selected the custom registration page and after reloading it shows the right URL 😉

  • Change: Remove “Watched Replay” from webinar console and webhook
    Benefits: Keep it simple and how if watched the webinar or not.
    Question: Do you need watched replay for live webinars:
    If they attended for live or watched the replay/recorded webinar*

  • Fix: Unable to set webinar status to “Attended” for non-logged-in users
    Now you see attended counting again in console, dashboard

Start the free ultimate boost (01-2022)

Quick start evergreen webinar the WordPress way (08-2022)

Click to see video
Click to see knowledge base article

2.10.6 14.08.2022

Please sent in all bug you find so we can hunt and fix them 😉

  • Improve: Remove any user with the same email address on re-register and keeping only the latest
  • Fix: Former license users see twice the boost image
  • Updated: Evergreen text when using Iframes instead of the recommended MP4
  • Change: On create new Webinar, make Evergreen option default, move Clone to top, display options in group

2.10.5 10.08.2022

It completely changes the feeling when you test

  • Added: Delete user when reregister for the same webinar
    Benefits: When (you/user) register again for the same webinar the old user is deleted in the console and a new user is created. All notifications will be starting again from the beginning. (Before when reregister old registration date&time was still active).
    Especially for you as Admin, you needed to change email address on every registration, to have the selected/new date & time shown in the thank you page and in emails.
  • Improved: Replace “security” JS variable, with less common variable name using plugin prefix
    Benefits: You have less issues with other plugins and maybe registration date selection dropdown working better.

2.10.4 07.08.2022

  • Fix: “Instant Access” does not show when single week day has multiple times selected.
  • Change: Disable signup email for instant webinar registrations
  • Fix: License class fatal error on Ron´s website Ticket #761

100$ Promo for license holder before 01/2021 continued

2.10.3 02.08.2022

Evergreen Webinar Schedule Type “Customized” improvements release

Thanks to Victor to bring improvements to us.
He setup 26 evergreen webinars in 8 languages and 2 different time formats…

  • Fixed: 24h time format issues fixed in black list dates, countdown timer, calendar reminders, time zone (user specific/fixed)
  • Improved: Overall registration date/time fields code improvement
    Benefits: You can have webinars in any language and date & time format (PM/AM, 24h)
  • Improved: Disable replay is only working when added “00” in the settings field. Text updated and tested.
    Benefits you can now disable Replay webinars and attendees can not access the webinar after it is finished.
  • Fix: “Show Day” (long/short) checkbox and output like “Tue August 2, 2022” not appearing for cloned webinars. (Settings are in “extra settings” “date & time”)


  • Evergreen Type: “Fixed”, “Delayed” not yet redone, please use “Customized”
  • If you need to have a webinar on a specific date, only black list the dates around this date.
    This can also in some cases let us use the well maintained evergreen webinars instead of live webinars feature.

other fixes

  • Fix: Custom label for checkbox fields does not show after saving AR form
  • Fix: Required checked checkbox not showing checked after saving in AR form
  • Fix: Mark required fields with asterisk *, and highlight them if missing on submission
  • Change: Disable replay emails, sms, and webhooks for instant leads
  • Change: Scroll to new webhook condition row, when adding new


  • We focus on improving evergreen webinars,
  • simplify the license system,
  • redo the plugin completely,
  • create live webinar feature out of the evergreen code.
  • After that we will be able to add more features in faster speed.
  • Features like webinar grid (overview of all webinars)
  • And some more features as surprise
  • And some more content as surprise,
    Benefits: all will help you getting more success with WebinarIgnition

2.10.2 23.07.2022

Shortcodes & Webhooks improvements release

  • New: Registration shortcode on live webinar dashboard (all licenses)
    licenseholder before 01/2021: Please replace [wi_webinar id=”171″] shortcode with free ultimate [wi_webinar_block id=”171″ block=”reg_optin_section”] shortcode.
    Both shortcodes are enabled, the old one has issues with the versions after 01/2021 of WebinarIgnition! Click to see details
    Please replace with the new one. Click to see details

Click to see video

  • Added: Registration shortcode for evergreen in ultimate free shown in dashboard
    For nice redirection please add the page of the registration in the design/shortcode tab

  • Added: OptimizePress3 builder compatibility with all shortcodes
    Reminder to get the shortcodes working:
    Only one shortcode ID per page. Don´t add two registrations shortcodes to one page.
    Only kind of shortcode per page. Don´t do the same shortcode on the same page more than once. (on page and in popup is already to much ;-))
    Select your custom page in design/shortcodes tab so WebinarIgnition can use it and redirect to the page.

  • Fix: Live webinar date issue

Calendar/reminder icons on the thank you page

  • Improved: Hide calendar/sms reminder output when attendee selected instant webinars
    (if you selected disable “Skip Thank you page for Instant Access webinars”).
    Benefits you can show your thank you page CTA, then user click and enter webinar distraction free.

  • Fix: Calendar reminder shortcodes

  • Fix: Fatal errors in date functions, on thank you page shortcodes

Webhooks improved

Fix: Webhook: Webinar fields did not mapped properly in webhook conditions
New: On webhook add/edit screen back to list button
New: Implement webhook delete
New: Webhook saved/deleted successful messages

Click to see new webhooks video

2.10.1 14.07.2022

  • Fixed: Invalid thank you redirect URL when custom registration page selected, on page reload
  • Secure payment gateway WooCommerce tested and improved
  • Other payment gateway working too

2.10.0 09.07.2022

The biggest update for evergreen webinars we ever did

All user benefit from this update, so all update please.

NEW: Autologin of attendees during registration (all licenses free/paid)

  • Autologin of attendees during registration (enabled by default, evergreen only)
  • Benefits you can now use all the WordPress features of logged in user.
    All plugins, that use logged in user data, will fill user name and email automatically.
  • Example: If user Benny register and you added a group chat to the webinar room then Benny´s name is shown in the online user panel and when he writes a comment Benny is shown near the comment.
  • Good to know:
    1) User are registered and get the rule subscriber.
    2) If you are logged in as an admin your are not logged-in during registration.
    3) You can test auto login log-in in browser incognito window.
  • What can be done: Name and email address is filled out in plugins used on custom pages or in Call-to-Actions (CTAs). CTAs like survey, polls, group/1:1 chat, shop, appointment, …

See Screencast video for details:

Click to see video

See knowledge base article about auto login of attendees during registration)

Evergreen webinars Call-to-Action (CTA) Fix/Redone/ADDED Features (all licenses free/paid)

Brought by user Sandra, then Idrees the developer redone the CTA code and together with the ideas of owner Tobias. It took us one months of developing and testing.

If you have issues with wrong numbered CTAs Title (should be 1,2,3-x, not 1,4,2) or “click here” named tabs in webinar room than please delete the not working CTAs, copy all content and tab names to a text file as backup. Sorry for the extra work, i did the same on the demo

  • Added: Nice transition to show the sidebar with CTA and remove the white space.
  • Improved: CTA in sidebar and overlay now triggered by video time instead of cookie which is more stable
  • Added: Possible to setup CTAs in sidebar and in overlay (over the video) at the same time
  • Added: Multiple CTA can now be viewed in the sidebar at the same time
    Benefits: When have the same time, all tabs will be shown in sidebar.
    If you only want one tab at a time, set the time not overlaping like
    00:00 – 00:15 and 00:16 – 00:22
  • Updated: “Show CTAs based on time in Video” is now default, on new webinars (before default was “Allways show CTA”), which hidden the multiple CTA feature
  • Added: In Preview admins can no jump to any time also when video overlay CTA is shown.
  • Updated: Disable CTA button by leaving the button field empty instead of writing “off” in the field
  • Added: Thanks Ruddy for bringing up that webinar video can be full width and show a CTA on time. See Article with video for details)

Click to see video

Added: Webhooks “beta” (Ultimate Trial/Paid only at the moment)

you can find settings under global webinar /settings/webhooks (in final webhooks version you can test transfer in any version)
Working nice already.
See article for webhook details (Will be continuously updated )
Roadmap: Update video, to answer more of your questions, templates for mapping and comparing values will be added aproxm. this months and then it is no beta anymore.

See Screencast video for details:

Click to see video

More live chat and group chat plugins are ready for you to integrate (all licenses free/paid)

See articles for live/group chat details

Updated DEMO

See demo automated webinar with real gifts

other changes

  • Added: WP 6.0 Compatible
  • Fixed: Licenses system for licenses before 01/2021
  • Added: new logo, icon and powerful red color shows new owner (since 01/2021) and new ultimate license level on top. Licenses bought before 01/2021 still working, supported and can update to the latest version to get a more stable webinar.

We would love to hear what is not working, whats needed, so we can improve. Please write us in Support Chat

Thank you Melva, Dirk, Viktor, and all users for patients, constantly testing and giving valuable input. We could grow so far only together with you. Thank you.

Last Milestones

Paid webinars with WooCommerce payments (Live&evergreen webinars)

Click to see video

See article and video for details

Multi language and flexible date&time format (Live&evergreen webinars)

Create webinar in your language/date&time format when creating a new webinar.

Maybe you want to add language before create a new webinar: See article and video for details

If you have issues with 2.10.0. deinstall all WebinarIgnition plugins free/premium.
Than you can download and downgrade to by uploading the the fallback version via add “new plugin” and click downgrade.
Please report your needed improvements via the chat at the bottom right Support Chat 16.05.2022

Fixes brought by user Juan, using elementor Popup

  • Fix: “the_content” error message when registration shortcodes added to elementor Popup (on edit popup screen)
  • Fix: JS error when registration shortcodes added to elementor Popup
  • Fix: GET index PHP warning for ar_utm_source field

Now Elementor page builder & Popup is working stable. 28.04.2022

Fixes brought by users

  • Fix: Missing param notice
  • Fix: Invalid JS time format value (Thanks Mark for bringing that to us)
  • Fix: wp_readonly method not found (Thanks Umangi for bringing that to us)

Last Milestones

Paid webinars with WooCommerce payments (Live&evergreen webinars)

See article and video for details

Multi language and flexible date&time format (Live&evergreen webinars)

Create webinar in your language/date&time format when creating a new webinar.

Maybe you want to add language before create a new webinar: See article and video for details 26.04.2022

Paid webinars (fixed, + WooCommerce payments) & languages & fixes

WooCommerce Payments v 1.0

(Ultimate paid, trial, free after opt-in (only evergreen))

Access the WooCommerce payments tab in
webinar settings/registration page/paid webinar/enable paid webinar

  • Added: Get user details from WC order details and add to registration page
    Working for logged-in and guest users
  • User data used by priority: Billing > profile email address and shipping > billing name
    checkout page
  • Added: Make name and email fields readonly for paid EG webinars
  • Added: Make the URL not shareable/changeable
    Benefits: Secured paid webinars

See article and video for details

Other changes:

  • Added: Autofill WP logged in user details (all licenses)
    Benefits: When user is logged in, automatically name and e-mail is filled in the registration form
  • Fixed: PayPal, Stripe payments
    for evergreen webinars, no date&time dropdown was shown and thrown an error.
  • Fixed: Some translations on paid webinar registration pages where not in webinar language
    Fix: Form builder dropdown field value unavailable on form submit
    Benefits: Now you can transfer dropdown value into a text field
    Fix: Some text translation not working on paid webinars registration page
    Fix: HR language breaking webinar dashboard
    Fix: Error on registration form for improper PHP ending
    Fix: Google Util library curly bracket issue
    Fix: Console URL Fix: Seconds precision notices on WIAjax class
    Fix: Redirection to countdown page from email link for live webinars Fix: Fallback/wrong URL if custom registration page is set
    Fix: “reg_optin_form_compact” shortcode to WC secure link condition
    Fix: “already watching this webinar” notice translation Fix: “already watching this webinar” custom registration page redirection
    Fix: JS error when date dropdown loaded on custom registration page
    Fix: Fatal error on page edit screen when “countdown_counter” shortcode is used
    Fix: “webinarignition_get_lead_info” function
    Fix: Email link does not redirect to thankyou countdown page
    Fix: Change email “Join the webinar!” link as it displayed in Design/Shortcode tab
    Fix: Registration dropdown does not load when “reg_optin_dates” shortcode used

Updated languages list

(Ultimate paid, trial, free after opt-in (only evergreen))

  • Made languages more stable by updating/double checked parameter handling.

Machine translated (DeepL):
* es_ES, Spanish (Spain)
* es_MX, Spanish (Mexico)
* fr_FR, French (France)
* hi_IN, Hindi (India) NEW
* HR, Croatian (Croatia) NEW
* it_IT, Italian (Italy)
* JA , Japanese (Japan)
* nl_NL, Dutch (Netherland)
* pt_BR, Portuguese (Brazil)
* ru_RU, Russian (Russia)
* UK , Ukrainian (Ukraine)
* zh_CN, Chinese (China)

* UR , Urdu (Pakistan and India) (!) site needs to be english
* More translations for free on request via chat

Hand translated:

  • us_US, English (default)
  • de_DE, German informal (NOT SIE) (used for all german speaking countries)

(!): Webinar settings in this language NOT working yet.
Please use english as site language, to have the settings in english and the Urdu webinar working.
On create webinar set Urdu and “Use webinar language in webinar settings?” to “No”.

Social translation – win win win

As we all can not speak all languages please help the community to hand translate the deepL pre translated languages.
I went through all german strings and found only some not matching and updated them.
You can do the same with free loco translate plugin.
Please move the language to the custom loco folder to be save when updating plugin.
See article and video for details

Add new language

Any language available in loco translate, we can pre translate with deepL.
And it can be used inside an individual webinar.
Benefits: All example content and emails ect. is in your language and you can 100% target your audience in your language.
PS: The date & time formats for your language will be automatically downloaded from wp.org on create a new webinar.
See article and video for details 07.04.2022

Language is important and culture.

Now you can bring your culture inside the webinar.
Attendees feel more home in your webinars…

Language/Internationalisation Milestone release!
100% target your audience in your country.
Language and date&time format per webinar
A lot of bugfixes solved – All please update

Video shows some possibilities

Some cases

  • language per webinar independent from the site language
    english site with german, french, chinese webinar
    chinese site with german, french, english webinar
  • date & time format per webinar independent from the site date & time format
    german, spanish, chinese, add week days names, comas, flexible order ect.
    Also in evergreen you can have weekdays name again like “Tue 5. April 2022”
  • Language date & time format on registration, reminder emails, webinar settings,…
  • Working on on default pages and landing pages with shortcodes

  • Site language will be used as default backend settings language as you are used to.
    Or you can enable to use webinar language for settings on create the webinar.

How you get all Ultimate features for free?

  • Download the WordPress.org version inside your WP backend/add new plugins,
  • opt-in (click “allow and continue”),
  • confirmed email address and
  • start the 30 days free trial with reminder before trial ending.

The license system is designed that you can start earning money before pay for a license.
Your success is our success.

License requirements for language per webinar feature:

  • In free version for evergreen webinars (50 registrations/months, after opt-in/confirm email address)
  • Ultimate trial for 30 days: unlimited live and 500 evergreen webinar registrations
  • Ultimate paid for unlimited live and evergreen webinars
  • Not working with non ultimate plans like basic, premium, enterprise, developer.

License requirements for date&time format per webinar:

  • Free in all versions
    Access on create new webinars and extra settings tab “date & time”


Machine translated (DeepL):
* es_ES, Spanish (Spain)
* es_MX, Spanish (Mexico)
* fr_FR, French (France)
* hi_IN, Hindi (India)
* HR, Croatian (Croatia)
* it_IT, Italian (Italy)
* JA , Japanese (Japan)
* nl_NL, Dutch (Netherland)
* pt_BR, Portuguese (Brazil)
* ru_RU, Russian (Russia)
* UK , Ukrainian (Ukraine)
* zh_CN, Chinese (China)

* UR , Urdu (Pakistan and India) (!) site needs to be english
* More translations for free on request via chat

Hand translated:

  • us_US, English (default)
  • de_DE, German informal (NOT SIE) (used for all german speaking countries)

(!): Webinar settings in this language NOT working yet.
Please use english as site language, to have the settings in english and the Urdu webinar working.
On create webinar set Urdu and “Use webinar language in webinar settings?” to “No”.

Social translation – win win win

As we all can not speak all languages please help the community to hand translate the deepL pre translated languages.
I went through all german strings and found only some not matching and updated them.
You can do the same with free loco translate plugin.
Please move the language to the custom loco folder to be save when updating plugin.
See article and video for details

Add new languages

Any language available in loco translate, we can pre translate with deepL.
And it can be used inside an individual webinar.
Benefits: All example content and emails ect. is in your language and you can 100% target your audience in your language.
PS: The date & time formats for your language will be automatically downloaded from wp.org on create a new webinar.
See article and video for details


To avoid mixed languages inside one webinar we define the site language as webinar language to all current webinars.
What you can do: Change the site language to the default language of your webinars.
See article for details


  • Change: Fix missing DB columns issue when moving from old version to 2.9
  • Fix: hash_ID error on fresh WP install
  • Fix: Missing webinar_permalink error when create a new webinar, and visit “View Thank You Page”
  • fixed bug causing incorrect link for imported webinars
  • remove “UTC” by default
  • fixed webinar import & clone functionality
  • refactored code to fix undefined properties
  • fixed uncaught Twilio exception
  • fixed issue with registration page js caused by strings with backslashes
  • fixed date language in evergreen registration-page date drop-down
  • fixed date display for previuosly existing webinars
  • and many more code related fixes

Next time we will release bugfixs independently to the milestone.
Benefits: You get the bugfix quicker.

PS: The testing platform had PHP 8.1.3 installed and plugin is working well.

PPS: Whats next?

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Webinar grid, show all your webinars in a grid
  • Webhooks incoming and outgoing
  • What you desperately need? Tell us in chat.

2.8.12 2022.02.24

  • Security fix: In one of our used libraries
    All update please!

You still on plugin version 1.x ? update NOW

  • Version 1.x provide only simple live webinars
  • and is unmaintained, maybe contains security issues ect.
  • With the latest version, when you opt-in (agree on popup)
  • you have non ultimate well maintained live webinar features.
  • You get 50 registrations on evergreen webinars for free
  • and every months again and
  • with all ultimate features
  • like shortcodes to add webinar features to your design,
  • beautiful webinar room and email reminders.
  • Different languages like english, german
  • Unlimited & flexible evergreen dates & times
  • We offer a 30 days free trial
  • to also test all ultimate LIVE features

In sum you get more webinar success when updating.

2.8.11 2022.02.04

  • As no issues with freemius v. 2.5 RC-1 reported, for us it is now stable and we remove the RC
  • Added: Support for multiple currencies in stripe

Forecast: We will soon release:

  • Language per webinar, independent to the site language
  • Date & time format per webinar, independent to the site date & time format
    Benefits: You can now have a your webinars matching countries language and date & time format. User feel more home with this feature.

2.8.10-rc.4 2022.01.26

  • Fixed: First and lastname fields not validating when required

2.8.10-rc.3 2022.01.25

  • Small fix for old license users
  • Fixed: Bug causing incorrect webinar_start_time

2.8.10-rc.2 2022.01.23

  • Small fix for old license users

2.8.10-rc.1 2022.01.21

New Freemius version with

  • Site Clone Resolution,
  • Deactivation Feedback UX Enhancements,
  • Assets Mix-Up,
  • and More

Benefits for you: It makes handling easier with

  • plugin license switching to different user,
  • cloned sites,
  • no feedback on deactivating on each freemius powered plugin, …

Why do RC (Release Candidate) instead of a full release? Because freemius declared it as RC.

In my opinion it is smooth enough and i also translated german. Still some strings are untranslated by freemius.

All details about the freemius update here

PS: Ultimate trial version is now also showing completed translated webinars.
PPS: I found out we missed the free version showing the full translated webinar.
We will add the free version also to show all stings translated on the next update.

2.8.9 2022.01.16

Thank you for a nice 2021. We appreciate all your trust in us.
We proud to run WebinarIgnition as the new owner since 01.2021.

Notice: Please make sure you have an ultimate level (free & opt-in, trial, paid) to create new webinars in your language.

  • Added: Evergreen dates depend on WP settings for example DE is now: 10. Januar 2022
    Notice: For evergreen webinars this removes the weekday in dropdown. You can get it back by globally set date format to l, j. F Y. We provide a default solution to bring it back.
  • Updated: Date formatting for non-English display in calendar icon to “9.”
  • Updated: More strings for translation & updated all languages
  • Added: ‘hours’ translation on countdown page
    Conclusion: You can now with a german, spanish, french site have complete webinars in your language. From notification email, to text examples or webinar settings.

Please still stay with one site language and expect the same language inside the webinar. We working on having a language per webinar.

Available languages:

  • German, english is hand translated
  • Spanish, french, Portuguese (Brazil) is machine translated.
  • For other languages we can provide DeepL pre translation.
    We can show you how to improve translation and share it with all user.
    Sure with your site URL mentioned if you like.
    Chat with us about your language needs.

Update the german language via the global WP Update at the bottom.

Global page footer:

  • Added: Global footer to webinar page template and moved settings from email template to global settings.
    Benefits: Now all pages and the email have the same nice footer.
    On next update the footer by default will be: “{privacy_policy} | {imprint} | © Copyright {year} {site_title}” and “imprint” will be translatable.

E-mail signature:

  • Added: e-mail signature in settings / email template tab
    Benefits: You like and need to add more in email footer than on the webinar page footer? Then the e-mail signature is the right place for it.
    Signature will be moved to the grey area after the mail content and before the footer in next update.

Other changes:

  • Updated: 1-click text string with an KlickTipp and MailChimp example
  • Added: made time-selection field more flexible, you can now select in 15 minutes steps
  • Fixed: Lead ID to calendar links for live webinars
    Benefits: User can also access webinar via the link in calendar after the fix below.
  • Fixed: Bug causing ?live link without Lead ID to be lead to live webinar page
    Benefits: Without an Lead ID nobody can access webinar anymore and will be redirected to registration page.

Please see video: “Best free WordPress webinar start with all ultimate features”

Click to see video

Enabled by default, when ultimate trial/paid is active and you create a new webinar:

Live & Evergreen:

  • Modern webinar room with flexible sidebar
  • Shortcodes to create you own CI webinar experience.
    Just add the webinar functionality with shortcodes to your self designed pages.
  • You can have different languages
  • Elementor, Oxygen Builder Templates
  • White Label the Webinar Console
  • Lock-out later comers


  • 2-way Q&A chat system: multi staff, hosts


  • 500 registrations
  • Unlimited & flexible evergreen dates & times
  • Sales boost via Multiple CallToActions INSIDE the webinar room

2.8.8 2021.12.30

Improved: Date translation functions in

  • evergreen webinars
  • Thank you page
  • webinar settings page

2.8.7 2021.12.24

Fixed: Some SQL Injection Vulnerabilties (Thanks Lucio)
Added: Date translation functions

2.8.6 2021.12.22

Webinar in your own language

  • Webinar in your own language started (we made content in fields translateable)
    Benefits: If your site is in german and you create a new webinar the webinar examples will be in german and most of the date formats too.
    Still some strings left to translate and some time format to take from WP settings…
    Do not mix languages e.g. not change site language and create new webinar.
    We will improve this.
    Best working if you stay with one language like DE or ES or EN.
  • Weekdays- and months names in calendar icon, … now automatically taken from WP settings.
  • Status of translation:
    At the moment german language is fully hand translated and checked.
    DeepL machine translated: French (France), Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain)

Roadmap: Spanish (Spain) translation will be hand checked by Stephanie beginning of next year.
You can hand check a pre DeepL translated language (We do it for you) and earn a 720 $ lifetime license for your efforts.

  • Fixed: Show branding image when selected
  • Fixed: Uncaught TypeError: property_exists(): Argument #1 ($object_or_class) must be of type object|string

2.8.1 – 2.8.5 (29.11.2021) changes + 2.9.0 Roadmap see below

2.8.0 2021.10.16

Global email templates – Added after 2 months development

Benefits: Beautiful and high converting webinar notification emails
If you create a new webinar in french, spanish (mexican) or german your emails are already translated.

See first 2 screencast videos for details before updating

1) Setup email template when new live or evergreen webinar created

2) On current webinars, how to switch to the best notification emails and delete old footer and enable new footer:

Be aware !

  • Current email content will be used inside the new template
  • Test how you emails are look like after the update
    On each mail you can click the preview button and sent preview
    Also you can preview and setup email template under “Settings” in the main left WP menu
  • See video how to delete old footer and enable new footer on current notifications.

Deutsche Emails bei neu erstellten Webinaren so einfach geht es 😉

Complete KB article

  • Mobile responsive mails
  • Translated emails by us
  • Default languages: german, english (both hand translated), Spanish (Mexican), French (Both machine DeepL pre translated, you can check translation and get a 200$ discount on your next lifetime license). We can pre translate other languages as well and you improve them for a 200 $ coupon too. 😉
  • Translatable emails via Loco translate
    Benefits: When site is e.g. german during creating new webinar emails will be forever in german
  • Updated notification emails content
  • One beautiful styled template for all emails
  • Custom logo and colors, default free logo included
  • Define email preview text for best receiver experience and high open rates
    they see: Sender name, subject, preview text before they open the email.
  • Added, updated: Webinar requirements to hour-before and live email notification
  • Added: Clean global footer below the mail content
  • Removed: Default WebinarIgnition footer
  • Added: One auto generated footer with imprint, privacy links and website name…
    You can still customize the footer individually.

More in version 2.8.0

  • Added: Dropdown registration fields
    Benefits: Let user only select predefined options
    Complete KB article
  • Added: update notification times when live event time is updated
  • Renamed: Second “WebinarIgnition” menu item to “Webinars”
  • Fixed: Day-before notification bug for evergreen webinars progress on new email template

2.8.5 2021.11.29

  • Added/updated: Default from_email and from_name for email notifications
    Benefits: By default and if fields are empty, instead of sending from the logged in admin email address with name “WordPress” sending from:
    Sender email: Site URL with leading “webinar@”
    Example: https://dummy.santegra-international.com
    -email address will be>
    Sender name: Will be “Site Title” from your sites “General Settings”
  • Updated: German Translation to fix better and translated new SMTP settings, notification email strings (Will only be used on new created webinars).
  • Updated: French, Spanish (Spain) Translation
  • Added: Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil)
    (All four machine are DeepL pre translated, you can check translation and get a 200$ discount on your next lifetime license). We can pre translate other languages as well and you improve them for a 200 $ coupon too. 😉

  • Fixed: Bugs found during support (Thank you Amir)
  • Fixed: Issue of undefined variables in auto-webinar settings page
  • Fixed: Issue with undefined index in weekdays selection function
  • Fixed: Issue with undefined variable “$setTime” in webinar creation function

2.8.4 2021.11.18

Lost of bug hunting (Found by Amirs Awesome Customer Support) and more beautiful Email sender, email address, … Roadmap

Tip: If some new features seem not to be working please do a shift + page refresh
That cleans some browser cache and for example the sender address and name are used in mails.
If you like to test emails sender ect. use the Spammyness test and add your email address.

  • Added: Added option to Auto Clean Log Database
    Benefits: In Main settings you can clean up 14 days and older log files, to save DB space.
  • Added: Email Sender Name default(if empty field): Site title from WP Settings
  • Added: Separated Email Sender settings from SMTP settings
    Benefits: When not added SMTP settings (to not run into the SMTP limit) you are able to change sender name, email and reply to address.
  • Added: CSV export questions with answers

  • Fixed: Resolved issue of chat Q&A not displaying.

  • Fixed: WebinarIgnition_Logs::getLogs() refactored code
    Benefits: Email- and TXT-, Notification not gets logged
    When duplicating, exporting webinar new webinar does not contains any logs.
  • Fixed: webinarignition_get_lead_auto_callback()
  • Fixed: Redirect to internal support page, Quick start, after activation
  • Fixed: PHP Deprecated: Invalid characters passed for attempted conversion generated in webinarignition_get_text_color_from_bg_color()
  • Fixed undefined property footer_copy bug
  • Fixed: Invalid date for replay notification when webinar date is changed
  • Fixed: Fixed: Undefined index: cloneID

2.8.3 2021.10.27

  • Fixed: Set mail status to “queued” when on live webinars start date & time changed.
    Benefits: You do not have to turn on each notification one by one.
    Also on cloned webinars the notifications starting again when date changed.
    (Thanks Mark T. for brining this up)

2.8.2 2021.10.26

  • Fixed: Fix conflicts when merged code on our side
    Now all commits are included and version is more stable
  • Fixed: Bug preventing video from loading on webinar page
  • Added: Optimization for live webinars
    Now you can run live webinars with more attendees with less server usage.
    More Optimization to come and also we will recommend a server setup that is auto scaling and paid by hours.
  • Fixed: Default email header & footer text colors
  • Fixed: Autoregistering for support staff
  • Added: Live webinar status switch to console
  • Added: Hide smtp settings if “Use WebinarIgnition SMTP Settings?” is “No”
  • Fixed: Bug preventing video from loading on webinar page
  • Added: Default values on new created webinars: Enabled modern template on evergreen and on live webinars when (last only when ultimate license is activated), enabled 2 way chat, disabled sms reminder

Please remember the 2 way chat in live webinars is an ultimate feature.

My suggestion is to trial the ultimate version to make sure you tested all features mentioned here.

2.8.1 2021.10.14

If you are updating from a version below 2.8 please look at the video below, version 2.8.0 release notes, before updating.

  • Fixed: autoresponder iframe sending fix
    Benefits: Now any autoresponder like mail chimp, get response is receiving data without using Iframe, which causes errors during transferring e.g. with get response. Transferring now work again, please test it with two new email address to be sure transferring.
    Tip: Not transferred contacts you can export in the live console.
    Access the console in each webinar Dashboard page and click “Show Live Console”.
    In Console click “Manage Registrants” tab and export CSV and import into your AR Autoresponder.

Article how to connect your AR

Roadmap for next version 2.9.0:

Whole text translate able
Benefits: When your site is in german not only the emails are in german also the example texts are in german or other languages (done via our support or loco translate)

Hand in your ideas here:

2.7.1 2021.09.26

  • Added: Multisite support (First MS release, please report issues ASAP)

  • Added: Chat Q&A in live webinars (Ultimate version only, trial to use it)

To activate open live webinar settings, to to live webinar tab, Questions / Answer Area and switch to “Chat Q&A”

  • Directly answer questions in console and attendee see answer immediately
  • Optional sent answer via email
  • Add staff members to answer questions only
  • Add extra hosts to manage webinar live console

  • Black / White list for event email domain for attendees
    Enter the Domains that you DO NOT/DO want to have access to the event.

  • Added footer for console:
    Setup under: Extra settings / Live Console / Footer Area Content
    Benefits: White Label console completely e.g. when accessed by staff or extra hosts
  • Updated: Live Viewers On Webinar to update every 10 seconds

  • Added: PHP 7.2.5 minimum requirements, WP requires minimum 7.4.x
    Requirement was there before but not shown officially.
    Benefits: If you are above 7.2.5 you can be sure plugin is activating.

  • Updated: German language, other languages on next update.

  • Fixed: webinar page background color bug 2021.09.05

  • Fix of the fix: 1 day before live emails from being sent, sorry. 2021.09.05

  • Fix of the fix: 1 day before live emails from being sent, sorry.

2.6.7 2021.09.05

  • Fixed: 1 day before live emails from being sent
    WARNING! BEFORE you update! Set the “Status Of Email” to “Email Has Been Sent” to avoid sending the reminder when the webinar is already closer than one day or done.
    Only do for the “1 day before live emails”
    Thanks Doris and Jorge T. for reporting the bug.
  • Fixed: fixed syntax error in Q&A (Thanks Amir)

2.6.6 2021.09.03

Thanks Mark for the nice Q&A improvement ideas you ordered

  • Added: Autoregister support staff URLs
  • Added: Autologin for additional hosts URLs
  • Added: Security features to multiple host and support
    Benefit: Register new Webinar hosts and staff members without access WordPress
    Better they can register them self via a secure link. see video

Roadmap for version 2.7.0: 2 Way chat, released in the next week

  • Fixed: Console icon CSS issue
  • Fixed: Console Improve live viewers counter
  • Fixed: Default registration page issue on mobile caused by autoptomize plugin css code optimization

2.6.5 2021.08.28

  • Fixed: In evergreen webinar when used MP4 source not showing CTA (Thanks Juli for your patience, for bringing this issue up and that we could check, test the success directly on your site. Thanks Developer Vlad and Amir for the work late time and on weekend)

2.6.3 + 2.6.4 2021.08.25

  • Fixed: Issue with not updating Q&A list in console

Under “Extra Settings” tab / “Live Console”

2.6.2 2021.08.03

  • Fixed: CTA in overlay issue
    Solves showing only a white line in rare cases and not the CTA

2.6.1 2021.07.26

Evergreen webinars got a big update (Included in the free version, before 2021 license holder read below #1)
Benefits: Boost your conversions with these unlimited CTA (Call-to-Action) features

See New CTA

In promo video with how to setup CTAs part:

In evergreen webinar demo: (right click and open in new browser tab please)

  • Added: CTAs (Call-to-Actions) in sidebar
    Benefit: You can now have CTAs in video overlay, sidebar and both at the same time.
  • Improved: Evergreen connect CTAs to video time on pause, reload
  • Added: Admin can now jump to a CTA when use the video controls
    Benefit: Easy CTA testing
  • Added: Show CTA below video on small screens.
    Benefit: CTA is instead of video height, full height and better to use on mobile
  • Added: Option to remove CTA border on desktop or mobile.
  • Added: Set max width per CTA
    Benefit: When you have a form or something which does not look like good when show full width then reduce the width for this CTA and show only the form with left and right transparent.

  • Added: Changelog inside the plugin, with a (1) to notify you on changes
    Benefit: Get new about the latest features inside the plugin

  • Added: Knowledge Base, Chat inside the plugin
    Benefit: You can chat and read, search for solutions and tutorials directly inside the plugin

  • Fixed: Add media now working with the default WP media selector. (Version 2.6.1+)

  • New tutorial how to add Wise group chat to webinar

  • Updated tutorial how to any action (content) inside your webinar room


in august

  • Add a global email footer and disable the webinarignition promo footer by default
  • make plugin completely in your language possible
    Benefits: You open the Plugin and your language is shown. Also for email texts and example content.
    How to: We will DeepL translate the plugin in your language and you just have a look to make translation smooth.

1 New webinar design and multiple CTAs are only available in Ultimate license level (free, trial, paid), please use the promotion below to get your webinar conversions boosted.

Ongoing Promotion

License holder before 2021 can save 252 $ when upgrade to a ultimate lifetime license. They save also on monthly and yearly payments. The promotion is shown directly in the WebinarIgnition dashboard, when license before 2021 is active.

2.5.5 2021.07.19

  • Promotion: License holder before 2021 can save 252 $ when upgrade to a ultimate lifetime license. They save also on monthly and yearly payments. The promotion is shown directly in the WebinarIgnition dashboard, when license before 2021 is active.

  • Added: Included redirect to KB on first plugin activation
  • Added: KB via Iframe inside the plugin
    Benefit: Easy search for solutions and chat with the support inside the plugin
  • Removed: Contact us: Please use new support page inside plugin
  • New new ultimate webinar room style

Have a look at the new modern webinar room (added 2.5.4) with call to actions in video overlay and live chat in sidebar visit our updated demo:

2.5.4 2021.07.02

  • Fixed: In some situations webinar video and call to actions not play (overall browser).
    Background information: This behavior occurs to any mp4 videos and players and is not connected to the plugin. To solve this behavior webinarignition now shows a “Join Webinar” button and webinar starts on click.
    More often video not auto play when you reload a page (Webinar page) with an mp4 video.
    Also to use YouTube video instead of mp4 files does not solve behavior. So stay with mp4 which also supports to resume evergreen webinars on reload or rejoin the webinar.

  • Fixed: A lot issue brought to us by our nice users (this users can update too, the fixes you got in your instant quick fix versions are included)

  • New new ultimate webinar room style

  • New Q & A system
  • Refactored Live console (PHP instead of reactJS)

Test all on evergreen webinars in free version or in live when activate/trial an ultimate license.
More informations and tutorials when release new features officially in version 2.6.0 next days.

Have a look at the new modern webinar room with call to actions in video overlay and live chat in sidebar visit our updated demo:

2.5.3 2021.06.06

Multiple Call-to-Actions (CTAs) with Shortcodes in evergreen webinars
Can be tested for free after opt-in to Freemius.
See DEMO with offer here
Read article and see video

  • Added: Two or more shortcodes in one CTA
    Benefit: You can use countdown, group chat, WooCommerce shop ect. together
  • Added: Make free hurrytimer work
    Benefit: You have now one countdowns per CTA, to show how long the offer last

  • Improved: Improve zoom integration
    Benefit: Name from registration will be taken and filled inside the zoom form.
    Benefit: Also Browser and connections details are hidden and this results in a more mobile friendly registration

  • Fixed: 1-click registration not working when AR form has more than one hidden field
    Benefit: You can register user with a click of a link to a webinar.

  • Fixed: Script isuue inside time tag tracking pixel field (Please test on your page and report if it is working for you too)
    Benefit: You can add any script for tracking at any time.
  • Fixed: JS to use aspect ratio only for video iframes

Please test all features in free ultimate version after opt-in to freemius.

2.5.2 2021.05.17

  • Added: Required registration fields functionality
    Benefit: All fields can be made required and required fields are marked with “*”

  • Added: CTA Integration with simple ajax chat
    Benefit: Name is taken from registration field and added to the chat
    Now you can show group chat with name in an CTA

See article what you can add to CTAs:
Use any CTA content to trigger actions in webinar

  • Fixed: Undefined index issues fixed broken registration shortcode form
    Benefit: “Shortcode Sign Up Widget” like [wi_webinar id=’2′] working again.

  • Fixed: Fixed error 500 when shortcode registration form is submitted

  • Fixed: Fix console errors, time tags, …
    Benefit: Registration shortcode e.g. in Elementor Pro working now better

Admins please test webinars always also in browser incognito mode. Especially in evergreen webinars with CTAs time connected to the mp4 video. In browser incognito mode, cookies get cleaned and you see the whole working webinar like your attendees see it.

2.5.1 2021.05.06

  • fixed: Elementor Pro now loading registration shortcode in modal
    Benefit: Now it does in any case. (Thank you Devonn, jamesneedshelppls for bringing this up and for beeing patient)
  • Hint: If you are on non Pro Elementor use this free plugin to get a modal popup with webinar registration:
    Elementor Addons Elements

2.5.0 2021.04.28

Shortcodes in CTAs #1

  • Added: Use shortcodes in CTAs
  • Added: Transparency CTA background, Overlay CTA above the video
    Benefit: Interact unlimited by add group chat, 1:1 chat, sell tickets, sell products, do a poll, survey, … and you can integrate any of the free 57.000 WP.org plugins.

Timed Tags #1

  • Added: Sent tags to KlickTipp when user stayed at a specific time
  • Added: Working also without sending tags and by only adding tracking pixel.
    Benefit: Track user behavior when you need to know the user seen a part of the webinar.

Other changes (all versions)

  • Added: Confirmation page skip on instant webinars and when webinar is online.
    Benefit: Separated options to tweak the default settings.
    Find settings in “Thank you page” tab in toggle “Thank you page actions”

  • Fixed: Change shortcode registration button according to settings.

  • Added: Button font automatically changes to the button color.
    Benefit: Now you can setup the color like in the default template.

  • Fixed: Add to calendar
    Benefit: Working again

  • Fixed: Instant Webinar only and no other dates selected
    Benefit: Working again

Upcoming – in development

  • new Webinar templates #1
  • Q&A System with moderation, … answer and sent messages directly in Plugin. #1

(#1) (show up in free version in evergreen webinars and ultimate incl. trial.)
Trial ultimate version now to supercharge your webinar!

2.4.3 2021.04.17

Critical fix! All with version 2.3 or higher please update ASAP
Issue was only on new created webinars.
* Fixed: Wrong redirection from countdown page to webinar in protected webinars
Benefit: Now redirecting right.

  • Fixed: Facebook share script

Thank you Vlad vor bringing this fix on saturday.

2.4.2 2021.04.15

  • Added: Check if custom webinar URL is filled
    Benefit: Empty URL could lead to wrong redirection

  • Fixed: Show Share link section on Evergreen and Live Webinars (Replace live webinar link which is not working since version 2.3.0)
    Benefit: Link now redirects to the registration page

General: Since Version 2.3.0 on new created webinars, plugin add security to the webinar.
You could disable it in extra settings tab.

  • Some have issues to be redirected to homepage when directly access webinar, thank you page in browser incognito mode by any URL without a token.
    The token user get on normal webinar flow: Register, redirected to thank you page and then to webinar page. All links, also inside mails, are protected.

If you copy your preview link without a token, paste in an incognito browser window it will redirect you to homepage. This is to secure your webinar otherwise all others can use your preview link to access webinar without registration or payment.

  • Tip: Enable security also in current webinars. (Go to “Extra settings” tab)

User workflow security (Changelog part from version 2.3.0)

  • Added: Check that one attendee can not enter the webinar twice
  • Added: In webinar, thank you page, … URL replace webinar ID & user ID with token
  • Added: New Webinar get “protected” by default
  • Added: Replace all links in emails, txt (sms) messages with protected
  • Added: Settings for protected data (extra settings tab): Protected webinar ID, lead ID, Single Lead only
  • Added: Redirection Page URL, redirect when user want to access without permission (Default: home)
  • Added: Possibility to change current webinars (live/evergreen) to “protected” webinars
    Benefit: Best when you have paid webinars, incognito meetings and to ensure get the mail address in return for the webinar

2.4.0 + 2.4.1 2021.04.13

New Features:

  • Added: To late lock out. Stop joining attendees after x minutes and redirect them. #1
    Benefit: Give the to late user the chance to watch fully, by redirect to registration page. Keep, build up the selling tension.
  • Added: Unlimited, flexible evergreen webinar times #1
    Benefit: You want to start automated webinar on saturday and sunday 2 hours later, now you can.

Soon you can watch videos about all the new features integrated and linked in the pricing table.

  • Added: Show shortcodes description
    Benefit: See the output of the shortcodes
  • Added: UX improvements
    Overlay setting more clear
    If you can upload only small Video size we added a hint for you, in auto webinar video settings, how to upload 2 TB without changing server settings.
    Easy upload mp4 files via button, no upload to media and copy paste link
    If you have only Instant Access enabled in evergreen webinars, plugin hides select dates in default templates
  • Added: Translatable default QA text
    Benefit: Now you can translate it

  • Fixed: Sending time triggered sms issue, removed html from sms webinar link
    Benefit: Use sms/txt reminder to notify on webinar start

(#1) (show up in free version in evergreen webinars and ultimate incl. trial.)
Trial ultimate version now to supercharge your webinar!

2.3.0 2021.04.03

Very big stability improving update, some webinar usability, more read below
Plus improved webinar user workflow security, more read below
… and more, read below
Please read the Warning at the end! #2

User workflow security:

  • Added: Check that one attendee can not enter the webinar twice
  • Added: In webinar, thank you page, … URL replace webinar ID & user ID with token
  • Added: New Webinar get “protected” by default
  • Added: Replace all links in emails, txt (sms) messages with protected
  • Added: Settings for protected data (extra settings tab): Protected webinar ID, lead ID, Single Lead only
  • Added: Redirection Page URL, redirect when user want to access without permission (Default: home)
  • Added: Possibility to change current webinars (live/evergreen) to “protected” webinars
    Benefit: Best when you have paid webinars, incognito meetings and to ensure get the mail address in return for the webinar

Webinar public accessibility:

  • Added: Webinar_status icon css
    Benefit: See if webinar is published or draft in webinars overview
  • Added: added webinar_status toggle published/draft
  • Added: Only show drafts to admin; redirect if not admin
  • Added: made webinars in draft mode by default
    Benefit: Test webinars before anybody can see it, hide old webinars

Webinar creating and using:

  • Added: On new webinars timezone is now current site settings by default
  • Added: Take the host name from logged-in user
    Benefit: Save you time
  • Added: Made date of webinar field required and always in the future
    Benefit: This will fix the past-date/countdown issue

Webinar design:

  • Added: More shortcodes like name and email e.g. to welcome better in any place #1
  • Added: Load shortcodes on oxygen,… builder (countdown was not preview) #1
    Benefit: Completely design your own webinar from registration, confirmation, countdown, webinar, replay page in your favorite page builder.
  • Added: Redirect from preview pages if not logged in #1
    Benefit: Funnel your audience

Webinar reminder and overall stability:

  • Added: Newest version of Twilio SDK to be compatible with PHP8 and working smooth #2
  • Added: Compatibility with PHP8 and jQuery 3.5
    Benefit: Working with latest WP and PHP #2

Webinar attendees flow improved:

  • Added: Q&A section: Choose if visitor can change name or email
    Benefit: Disallow update name and email
  • Added: Q&A section: Fill name and email from registration details
    Benefit: Only show message area and submit button for high conversion and convenience

Usability improvements:

  • Added: Option: Skip thank you page on auto registration (live webinar “one click registration””)
    Benefit: Direct access from email via link with name & email to the webinar room
  • Added: License strings “License bought after 01/2021” (Freemius), “License bought before 01/2021” pay kickstarter/build in license system
    Benefit: You can know better where to enter/handle your license.

Fixed and improved:

  • Fixed: Live console CSV export
  • Fixed: Social share thank you gift
  • Fixed: Mobile responsiveness of the footer and some other parts
    Benefit: Especially if you are using Avada theme pages are more mobile responsive.
  • Fixed: Replaced more depreciated code and removed unused scripts
    Benefit: Get rid of the dust since 2013

  • Fixed: Translated of month string not showing in Thank You page calendar “icon”.
    Benefit: Now auto show the right weekday name

  • Fixed: Preview links to show instead of the default design the custom designed pages
    Benefit: You do not have to visit the design page to preview custom designed pages
  • Fixed: AR Autoresponder test (Add your HTML registration code from any provider like MailChimp)
    Benefit: Test subscribe directly insite the settings page and see the confirmation page

  • Fixed: CTA trigger on some sites was not showing

  • Fixed: live webinars: CTA delay after saving on-Air CTA message
    Benefit: Now showing/hiding/updating nearly instant after saving.

  • Fixed: Twilio timezone value

  • Updated: German translation

(#1) (show up in free version in evergreen webinars and ultimate incl. trial.)
Trial ultimate version now to supercharge your webinar!

(#2) We tested WebinarIgnition 2.3.0+ compatible working with PHP 8.
Still do not use PHP 8 yet!
Because at the moment pure PHP 8 code not allowed to be uploaded to wp.org yet.
This makes it difficult for developers to be PHP 8 compatible.
WordPress wrote:
Currently, code checked into the plugin repository must be PHP 7.4 compatible. PHP 8 only code is not yet allowed for plugins.
Conclusion: To ensure a stable site wait until PHP 8 is settled.

2.2.15 2021.03.16

  • Added: Copy/paste shortcodes
    Test shortcodes in free version in evergreen/automated webinars and in the free trial
    Why added? I (Tobias) was testing the shortcodes by copy and paste them all at once into the visual editor and the stile was not perfect was around the shortcodes and i raised a ticket to my dev and he told me: You did it again! Me: This could happen to everybody so please find a solution and here it is:)
    Keep in mind, only one set is working on a page at the same time so far:
    [wi_webinar_block id=”7″ block=”reg_optin_dates”]
    [wi_webinar_block id=”7″ block=”reg_optin_form”]
    OR one Section:
    [wi_webinar_block id=”7″ block=”reg_optin_section”]

  • Added: Headers to registration notification email

2.2.14 2021.03.14

  • Shortcode widget error (Thank you Amir to bring up the error during creating an nice Multiple CTA Video)

2.2.13 2021.03.12

  • Please all update
  • 1 bugs fixed. Thank you Felix to bring the bug to us through a lot of testing.
  • License usability improvement

2.2.12 2021.03.11

  • 2 bugs fixed. Thank you Marina and Peter to bring the bugs and when they occur, through a lot of testing, to us.
  • 2 license system usability improved. The 2 systems are now clearly separated and described.
  • hide license upgrades details on settings page, now only show on webinar overview page
  • Thanks for so much features ideas…

2.2.11 2021.03.09

  • SMTP sending settings
    Check imported credentials and use only working ones
    check if wi-smtp settings valid when email sent. show global notice if invalid.
    show global smtp message until dismissed
    fixed {YEAR}

2.2.9/10 2021.03.07

  • CallToAction
    on page reload video and time based CTAs continue at the time left (Sync CTA for MP4)
    CTA descriptive in title: Start:End time and action button title
    duplicate CTAs
    Scroll to cloned cta,
    added video cta combined shortcode
    CTAs showing now directly in video size,
    so 100% seen on new fullscreen webinar view, via shortcodes
  • Remove phpmailer
    added translation to smtp settings UI
    added reply-to email to smtp settings
    spelling errors and translation fixes
    added spammyness test added tabs to Webinarignition settings page
    fixed fatal phpmailer error
    styling improvements
    added protocol selection logic
    completed smtp migration logic (we take your per webinar settings and use them)
    added tutorial links in SMTP settings
    hide smtp password
    allowing for enable/disable smtp settings
    added smtp migration notification
  • License system
    Update license system for old (before 01/2021) keys
    Now you can move/change license by deactivating them

2.2.8 2021.02.28

  • NEW Tutorial for Jitsi Meet Integration
  • NEW Tutorial for Zoom Meeting, Call and Webinars Integration
  • Updated german translation (Thank you Melanie)
  • Fixed video-not-playing-bug for evergreen Webinar (Thank you Heiko)
  • Removed PHPMailer now using WP included version
  • Removed old SMTP settings per webinar and code cleanup
  • Added new global settings menu item with SMTP settings and a SMTP testing on save.
  • Discount! For user of the old license system. To get discount activate the license and update to the newest version. Only valid until the 15th of march 2021.
  • 1.x Free Version user please upgrade and optin to get new code and some free evergreen webinar registrations with the new multiple Call-to-Actions to boost sales and the Shortcodes to design and layout your own webinars.

2.2.7 2021.02.22

  • A lot of code improvements under the hood (Thank you Amir)
    For more stability and security
  • Deactivate overlay when using Zoom shortcode, … (https://webinarignition.tawk.help/article/zoom-integration) (Thank you Amir)
  • Question-answer option bug fix (Thank you Amir)
    Now Q&A system is working fully again
  • Latest freemius 2.4.2 SDK
    For better license usability

2.2.6 2021.02.12

  • fixed: logo error
  • fixed: 500 error countdown shortcode
  • fixed: 1 day before email
  • improved: Usability to upgrade from old license system to new freemius.
    Added nice messages (Thank you Sylvie)

2.2.5 2021.02.10

  • WOW a lot got fixed by rewriting it
  • Image adding redone e.g. for banners, backgrounds. Current links still working.
  • The broken 3. design template now working
  • Some design improvements
  • On live webinars the calendar icon. Month, date and weekday are filled automatically from settings and you overwrite the icon content and the text nearby easily.
  • You can now easily, join our affiliation program. Add your affiliate link in the footer section and earn 40% of the sales. To add the link see the extra settings tab on the right. Also the Powered by link is optional for all new webinars, to be with WP.org rules.
  • Best version ever, all update now!
    You can do better and faster with the latest version.
    Your license for 1.x, 2.x will still work with the latest plugin.

2.2.2.x – 2.2.4 2021.02.08

  • make all available versions upgrade 1.0.x, 1.8.x, 2.x
  • new payment provider freemius with affiliation
  • shortcodes for styling
  • multiple CTAs to boost sales
  • bugfixes

2.2.2.x 2021.02.05

Following features are in ultimate license, free version (50 registrations), trial mode (500 registrations)

  • Shortcodes for all frontend content (webinar user seen parts)
    from registration page, thank you page, to countdown page, to webinar page, to replay page
    Benefits: The webinar user flow can be styled with you CI and layout, by any page builder that support shortcodes.
  • Multiple CTAs Call-to-Actions
    added in live and evergreen/automatic webinars
    Live: Have a prepared set of CTAs one click away from showing to the webinar audience
    Auto: View and hide CTAs by secondes the video is played.

2.2.1 2021.01.22

  • Freemius license system


  • Changed Support Area url


  • Tested with WordPress up to 5.6


  • Changed update repository url
  • All update please to get further updates.


  • Fixed AR Integration with Activecampaign
  • Fixed broken expiry date form field on paid webinar registration form


  • Fixed AR Test
  • Added more strings for translation


  • Allowed for custome timezone suffix
  • Added more strings for translation


  • Added more strings for translation


  • Fixed bug caused by translation string
  • Added more strings for translation


  • Added more strings for translation


  • Fixed bug in webinarignition_get_questions functions causing live console not to show


  • Added prospectpowerpro integration


  • Fixed “insert image into post” functionality


  • Added more strings for translation


  • Fixed bug causing duplicate reminder emails
  • Fixed bug showing email recipient list


  • Fixed FB registration


  • Increased timeout for email cron.


  • Added support for {TITLE} in notification emails


  • Added support for hidden fields in AR Registration Form
  • Added more translatable strings


  • Fixed error with incorrect email sending logs


  • Replaced {FIRSTNAME} in replay email
  • Added more strings for translation


  • Allow for webinar {Title} tag in sign-up email subject


  • Included overlay functionality for replay webinars


  • Added new translatable strings


  • Fixed translation bug


  • Fixed conflict with Webinarfly plugin


  • Created German translation file


  • Updated to use PHPMailer from new wp directory


  • Fixed PHPMailer error


  • Fixed PHPMailer bug


  • Using PHPMailer to send new registration notification


  • Fixed issue with misaligned countdown widget


  • Fixed issue with include fbaccess.php


  • Fixed issue with include fbaccess.php


  • Fixed facebook registration issues


  • Updated to allow for use of {FIRSTNAME} in notification emails


  • Updated Shortcode Sign Up Widget to include GDPR field if required
  • Updated Shortcode Sign Up Widget with form validation


  • Updated to allow for unlimited number of replay availaility days


  • Fixed bug preventing order button text to be updated


  • Updated new-registration notice email subject


  • Fixed issue with custom css on Thank You page


  • Fixed bug causing Stripe s to break when footer/header integration enabled


  • Added more custom registration fields


  • Fixed issue with disappearing custom GDPR
  • Fixed issue with $ undefined on replay page


  • Added UTM_Source variable tracking
  • Added version indicator to registration templates
  • Fixed bug causing missing custom registration fields


  • Removed include (‘fbaccess.php’) from templates


  • Fixed googlecalendar issue


  • Fixed theme conflict


  • Fixed bug causing site search to fail.


  • Fixed issue with missing questions on live console.


  • Fixed auto_translate_subheadline
  • Fixed CTA timeout bug ($ undefined)


  • Fixed character encoding issue in emails


  • Fixed Stripe error


  • Fixed coundown transition to live bug


  • Fixed Activation issues


  • Fixed activation errors


  • Fixed issue with undefined variable “input_get”


  • Fixed Notifications error caused by missing semi-colon


  • Added new translation strings


  • Fixed Facebook registration


  • Fixed double-submission of AR form for evergreens


  • Updated uodate-checker to latest; now works with bitbucket


  • Fixed issue causing multiple email & txt reminders.


  • Added translation files


  • Fixed issue with CTA Button not turning off


  • Fixed conflict with CF7


  • Fixed $ undefined on Webinar page error


  • fixed questions table_name error in console


  • Fixed custom registration form fields bug


  • Added custom fields for reg form


  • Updated PhpMailer to version 6.1.4


  • Fixed Logs pagination
  • Added delete-logs functionality


  • fixed smtp issues


  • New feature: host can receive email notifications whenever someone registers


  • Made phone field in registration form optional


  • Fixed issue with Evergreen Loading times not showing


  • fixed cloning feature


  • Fixed shortcode widget


  • Fixed live questions error


  • Fixed on-air message bug


  • fixed preview link for live webinars — fixed ar integration


  • fixed error showing actual Thank You page rather than preview page


  • CSS Fixes


  • Fixed issue causing blank white page (Fix II)


  • Fixed issue causing blank white page


  • Fixed issue with video_js undefined


  • fixed issue with Undefined index: QUERY_STRING in webinarignition_check_admin function


  • fixed issue with filter_input($_SERVER) not showing some css fixes for font-awesome.


  • Fixed unknown column bug when live webinar users register


  • Fixed loading times bug for evergreens Minor css fixes * Cleaned up file location structure
  • Improved email validation


  • Bug fixes & code refactoring
  • Removed references to external images/file
  • Fixed “Trying to get property ‘switch’ of non-object” bug
  • Enhanced security with nonces
  • Updated bootstrap css
  • Added from_name in notification emails
  • Send emails using wp_mail; phpmailer still present only fot smtp testing
  • Concatenated and minified admin css and javascript

1.9.188 (20 August 2019)

Added customer email to Stripe Purchase data

1.9.187 (24 May 2019)
Fixed bug causing tomorrow-emails being sent on the day for Evergreen webinars

1.9.186 (24 May 2019)
security fix: filter $_POST
Removed manual cron set up option. Native automatic WP-cron from now on.

1.9.184 (21 May 2019)
Allowed for instant replay without showing other dates in auto-webinar dates drop-down on Registration page

1.9.183 (20 May 2019)
Added wp-cron functionality

1.9.182 (14 May 2019)
Fixed centering of img on registration page

1.9.181 (08 may 2019)
New email notification template

1.9.180 (30 April 2019)
Fixed Paykickstart activation bug

1.9.179 (24 April 2019)
Removed Google-plus share

1.9.178 (19 April 2019)
Modified the code to update lead info if registering with same email address for same webinar

1.9.177 (17 April 2019)
Minor fix to webinar-create code

1.9.176 (12 April 2019)
Added GDPR functionality for Auto-responder/Registration forms

1.9.175 (12 April 2019)
updated Auto-responder integration to detect checkboxes in AR form for mapping

1.9.174 (08 April 2019)
Updated activation code

1.9.173 (08 April 2019)
Redesigned the Registration Page Stripe Form

1.9.172 (08 April 2019)
Fixed bug causing main headline of duplicated webinars to be replaced

1.9.171 (08 April 2019)
Added image to social share functionality

1.9.170 (06 April 2019)
Fixed image upload functionality for Webinar Host Info on Registration page

1.9.169 (19 March 2019)
Updated registration dates to show day of week

1.9.168 (18 March 2019)
Changed Live-console search to search by name AND email

1.9.167 (13 March 2019)
Changed Live-console search to search by name

1.9.166 (11 March 2019)
Fixed wrong title on cloned webinar bug

1.9.165 (08 March 2019)
Fixed url redirection on paid webinar bug

1.9.164 (07 March 2019)
Added video shortcode functionality

1.9.163 (03 March 2019)
Fixed Evergreen webinar background color bug

1.9.162 (28 Jan 2019)
Miscellaneous bugfix.

1.9.161 (23 Jan 2019)
Added delay and limit settings to evergreen custom schedule.

1.9.160 (18 Jan 2019)
Updated support urls.

Force redirect after Facebook signup

1.9.157 and 1.9.158
Moved update server.

Bug fix: fix registration form for IE11.

Bug fix: Unmute video when muted autoplay fails, so that there is sound when the user presses the play button.

Bug fix: Add gdpr column to leads tables.
Also implemented muted autoplay for mp4 video playback.

Added fixed timezone for custom schedule.

Changed implementation detail (delete webinar was posting to plain php file causing issues with some WP installs).

General maintenance.

Added a email address field to the Stripe payment form. Registrants will now receive a payment receipt from Stripe.

Added “privacy policy”, “terms and conditions” and “mailing list” fields to the AR integration section so that members can make their registration forms GDPR compliant.

Fixed: Disappearing blacklisted dates in delayed schedule.

Updated the Facebook PHP SDK and added it as a composer dependency so that it is easier to keep up to date.

Fixed: attach phone number to lead when user asks to receive a txt reminder on the thank you page (after registering for webinar). This issue only affected live webinars.

Fixed issue that affected some un authenticated visitors from making payments via Stripe.

Fixed blank csv when exporting evergreen leads.

Handle Chrome’s new autoplay policy gracefully (If autoplay fails, display play button).


Fixed: Play button text was not being removed after play button is clicked (replay page mobile).

Fixed replay status in lead listing.

Fix: Updated stripe/stripe-php to version 6.6.0 (force tls 1.2).

Added “Join Webinar” text above play button when autoplay is disabled (only works with linked video option, not iframe/Youtube).

Bug fixes.

Fixed blacklisted dates for delayed schedule.

Fixed the position of the Facebook like button on the webinar and replay pages.

Fix: Prevent live console from running out of memory when large number of leads are listed.

Fixed ending redirect for evergreen webinars using iframe video embed.

Fixed issue with live replay page (no replay video was being displayed).

Fixed issue with 12 hour format on evergreen registration page.

Fix: Disabling evergreen replay, did not really disable replay (in some cases).

Fix: In some cases videojs would continue playing sound in background after replay ended.

Fix: Improve custom js fields to better handle different formats.

Fix: Issue with webinar length (evergreen ).

Added option to change CTA button colour for live webinars.

Added option to enable video controls for mp4 and webm videos (for evergreen webinars only).

Fix: Use a default date format for evergreen registration page when WordPress installation has a blank custom date format specified.

By default MacOS does not allow web browsers to autoplay video anymore. Added a play button for MacOS users to initiate webinar playback.

Added option to change evergreen CTA button colour.

Added loading animation for default webinar registration button.

Fixed text reminder on evergreen thank you page.

Fixed live console questions csv export button.

Added Facebook Open Graph description meta tag to all registration page templates.

bug fix: strip out script and noscript tags from “custom js” fields in the “Extra Settings” section.

Added option to specify date format in AR integration setup.

bug fix: Fix Auto Responder form submission on template 2 and 3.

Add custom thank you url field for evergreen webinars.

bug fix: prevent redundant entries in logs table when email notifications are disabled.

fix videojs playback offset on mobile

fix issue with < php5.6

fix proportions for large videos (videojs)

fix webinar page banner image

custom schedule fix: don’t show todays date if all times are already past

Added option to skip thank you page, after registration they are redirected directly to webinar.

Fix: apply check to prevent duplicate fields to be added to registration and ar forms.

Fixed ar submission in Firefox

Fix: increase z-index on video overlay

Added additional for fields in AR integration section.

Added option to disable signup email.

Added option to specify webinar duration when iframe video option is chosen on evergreen webinars.

Fix: disable video controls for desktop browsers.

Fix: mp4 and webm playback in new mobile browsers.

Fix: miscellaneous bug fixes.

Fix: Url for live webinar on the “Webinar is in progress” button (it had no lid lead id).

Fixed issues for WP 4.8.2.

Fix: sound still played when webinar is over (evergreen using mp4 video file).


Fix bug with countdown timer on webinar replay page


Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Fix: form validation rule for mobile field on registration form


Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Paid Webinars: Separate Paypal and Stripe settings.


Auto save the url in Youtube embed codes as https.


Improved Stripe payment option.


Paykickstart integration.


Fixed hide “Add to Calendar option”.

Fixed responsive layout on “Thank you” page (evergreen webinars).


Fixed one click registration.


Fixed Stripe payment option.


Fixed replay webinar “timed action order button”.


Improved viewer tracking.


Fixed problem importing same leads into different live webinars.


Fix: Cloned webinars would still display original webinar notification logs.


Fix issue where evergreen replay shows (Webinar is over) when countdown expiry is set to “Disabled”. Disabling replay expiry will now allow evergreen replay to run forever.


Fix issue with name placeholder in questions section on webinar page .


Fix date formatting for evergreen registration pages.


Improve responsiveness for webinar page.


Registration page date will now be updated when webinar date is changed in dashboard.


Allow video player to load over https and http


Fixed responsive layout


Changed date format for Evergreen Fixed Webinars


Removed Stripe info from Registration page when admin chooses Paypal for payment method


Created php mail() fallback for when SMTP and Sendmail are not available


Edited Stripe integration to include all templates


Fixed bug making video sound play on Thank You page.


Added Stripe payment integration


Made Sendmail fallback when SMTP connection is not available


Fixed issue where past webinar times were selectable on Registration page


Fixed bug causing repeated emails for Live webinars


Fixed bug preventing Registration page from showing


Updated Facebook SDK to Version 5, allowing retrieval of email addresses from Facebook registrations


Fixed Thank You page countdown timer


Fixed the Add To Calendar Date/Timezone bug


Fixed ajax function to send lead ID for cookie tracking


Fixed Aweber form submission


Fixed video timer script


Fixed issue with the Call To Action showing continuously on Auto-Webinar page.


Bug fixes to CRON wrapper


Improved responsiveness of video embed on registration page
Improved PHP version check


Improved CRON (aborts on SMTP connect failed)
Improved CRON Notification Log for Live Webinars


Adjust PHP version check
Fix Email Notifications
Add Video Overlay Option
Fix Console UI layout errors


misc fixes


misc fixes


misc fixes


Fixed preview security, lid in email, double function name bug, saving issues, iframe video settings, & misc fixes


Dependency check & css include fixes


Date & Time fixes, AR integration test, evergreen video time of arrival sync.


Fix: prevent throw on blank SMTP settings


Fixed: permalinks, SMTP, CRON, Date format, & misc changes


Calendar icon fix on thank you page


Thank You CP Template Changes:
– Use Lead Timezone if Evergreen Webinar
– Remove quotes in queries when value is integer
– Simplify / optimise function in wi_get_time_tz to determine timezone offset (also clears error output)


Fixed bug during license registration
Fixed whitespace output before session_start


Fixed issue with import leads in Live Console


Fixed issue with bad timezone in Evergeen webinar replay and countdown pages.


Fixed issue with multiple primary keys from WI Logs table.

1.9.2[*] Fixed countdown issue with last major update.

1.9.1[ * ] Fixed issue with Google Calender and Outlook on Live Webinar Thank You Page


Added Notifications Log view to webinar notifications tab
Removed additional ‘)’ and ’12 hour’ string from end of date in emails.


Commonized Date/Time translation
Added full PHP timezone list support
Added email event logging
Various bug fixes

1.8.61[ * ] Created WI_logs file[ * ] Removed “Your Local Time” from Thank You page[ * ] Fixed Webinar clone date and time display issue on frontend[ * ] Fixed translation issue on Thank You page[ * ] Fixed Txt notification Enable/Disable issue

1.8.60[ * ] Responsive templates added.

1.8.59[ * ] Changed WI widget so that shortcode can be pasted anywhere on page and widget will appear where pasted

1.8.58[ * ] Changed Facebook classes to avoid clashed with other plugins.

1.8.57[ * ] Added “Your Local Time” to display next to date of Webinar on Thank You Page

1.8.56[ * ] Fixed issue with SMTP integration[ * ] Allow for custom WordPress date formatting on various pages

1.8.55[ * ] Shortcode usage enabled on Registration page.[ * ] Resolved Facebook privacy issue with Facebook App approval.[ * ] Added note for Iframe timed CTA issue in Webinar Auto Video Settings.[ * ] Enabled custom WordPress date settings in Registration page for Auto Webinar.

1.8.54[ * ] First recipient’s email address hidden when sending email notifications

1.8.53[ + ] Registration is closed if webinar switch is set to closed.

1.8.52[ + ] Email notifications add timezone identifier to date and time

1.8.51[ * ] Added to wat to change “YOUR TIMEZONE” string for delayed webinars[ * ] Fixed social share buttons showing on replay page, when they are turned off

1.8.50[ * ] Changed all resources to use schemeless URIs

1.8.49[ + ] Added footer code field for thank you pages only

1.8.48[ + ] Added way to add custom order button to paid webinars

1.8.47[ * ] Added way to switch between 12/24 hour format

1.8.46[ * ] Fixed issue with totals of registrants

1.8.45[ * ] Fixed header width

1.8.44[ * ] Added webinar URL to description in VCARD, because Outlook does not recognize the standalone URL property

1.8.43[ * ] Fixed console link when SSL is enabled for admin panel

1.8.42[ * ] Fixed plugin dependency

1.8.41[ * ] Added possibility to hide social share links on webinar page

1.8.40[ * ] Fixed time and timezone inconsistency for evergreen webinar type

1.8.39[ * ] Fixed bug in JS library


  • Cosmetic fix


  • Added SSL support in the SMTP settings


  • Removed alert box with error when previewing webinar pages (happens occasionally).


  • Fixed bug with evergreen webinar after update


  • Added delayed evergreen webinars. You can now choose to delay when a user can view your webinar


  • Updated “Add to calendar” feature to be compliant with VCALENDAR v2.0
  • Updated updater class


  • Fixed custom time not appearing with 3rd design


  • Widget cosmetic changes
  • Added support for fixed date and time scheduling for evergreen webinar type
  • Updated several libraries


  • Added option to disable the replay for evergreen webinar types


  • Fixed tracking code. Now tracking properly


  • Added log out button on console page


  • Added new option to hide the registration button on the countdown page


  • Fix for previous update


  • Changed Google Hangouts integration. No need to provide your Youtube username.
  • Added possibility to set the privacy status of your Youtube broadcast video (public/unlisted)


  • Added shortcode for easier integration with your theme. Only works for Live Webinars


  • Added date and time, timezone information to the console for the auto webinar type
  • Added possibility to add custom embed for the video source for auto webinar types
  • Fixed optin form integration (with custom design)


*Fixed charset encoding


  • Updated several javascript libraries


  • Fixed several links with double trailing slashes at the end


  • Added option for adding custom code at the end of the body tag. Useful to add tracking codes, or other scripts.


  • Added support for paid webinars for the evergreen type


  • Fix optin integration for the evergreen webinar type


  • Fixed one click registration redirection to custom thank you page


  • Added custom texts for Q/A name and email fields placeholders


  • Reverted visibility of ticket info block


  • Fixed footer copy date


  • Do not load livecounter.php when live stats are disabled


  • Added possibility to turn off live stats to improve performance


  • Fixed javascript error on console page, when campaign was never saved before


  • Change include method of console files


  • Removed spinning loader on webinar pages, to fix incompatibility on iPads


  • Added webinar time 8:30AM


  • Fixed bug with past dates in auto webinars


  • Can use shortcodes in video embed fields
  • Only future dates will be selectable for auto webinars on registration page


  • Added custom thank you url to redirect users after opting in


  • Added Google Hangouts Integration
  • Fixed bug with Auto Registration not working with same info for different webinars


  • Added replay headline back for auto webinars


  • Paid Webinars added
  • Replay – can now choose an exact time (24h format)
  • CSV import – copy and paste CSV into leads
  • 1 Click Optin registration
  • Import / Export WebinarIgnition campaigns
  • Cosmetic changes
  • Fixed page router


  • Paid Webinars added
  • Replay – can now choose an exact time (24h format)
  • CSV import – copy and paste CSV into leads
  • Click Optin registration
  • Import / Export WebinarIgnition campaigns
  • Cosmetic changes


  • Added language copy for “OR” near facebook connect
  • Changed alert box to prompt box for easier copying on get order code
  • Code improvements and bug fixes


  • Fixed issue with time for instant webinars


*Fixed video playback on mobile devices (auto webinars)


  • Auto webinars for the same day
  • Fixed bug with AR integration hidden fields
  • Code optimizations for performance


  • Fixed “Create Webinar” links


  • Fixed CSV download URL


  • Duplicate emails are check upon same campaign, not globally


  • Fixed calendar output format [ * ] Fixed controls on webinar page for auto webinars


  • Fixed issue with deleting registrants from Console page, from page 2 and up


  • Added country code selector to phone number fields


  • Added Google Plus share to thank you page


  • Prevent browsers from caching the console page


  • Updated countdown script
  • Updated Twilio API library
  • Fixed formatting issues with CSVs
  • Deleting a campaigns, also deletes the corresponding pages in WordPress
  • Added Twilio SMS test feature


  • Fixed issue with “Last Name” field not repopulating in optin form settings


  • Don’t send notification for auto webinars if they are disabled from dashboard
  • Fixed alignment issue of images on landing page
  • Code improvements


  • Fixed issue with duplicate registration emails.


  • Minor cosmetic changes


  • Small fixes and code improvements


  • Fixed issue with video size on replay page


  • Added translation to compact labels for the mini countdown on the thank you page


  • Enabled UTF-8 for email notifications


  • Fixed Q/A hiding


  • Some browsers in several circumstances will redirect automatically to thank you page from register page. Made sure this does not happen unless several criteria are met


  • Fixed some wrong file paths
  • Changed webinar link to anchor link implicitly for registration emails


  • Fixed bottom scrollbar when choosing a date
  • Fixed datepicker on notifications settings
  • Made webinar links implicitly in the notification emails


  • Fixed PHPMailer issue


  • Removed Sendreach Integration
  • Added back the Facebook ‘or’ text on registration pages


  • Fixed Js Error causing video on webinar page to look smaller


  • Fixed jquery issues


  • Adjusted width of footer to avoid having a horizontal scrollbar
  • Fixed the SMS block. Now it should appear correctly
  • Adjusted width of social share icons on thank you page


  • Removed controls from webinar replay videos


  • Improved Sendreach Integration


  • Removed all console calls to avoid errors in browser that do not support console


  • Updated PHPMailer classes


  • Changed AR integration
  • Optin form settings can be ordered
  • Removed skype field
  • After registration, user will always be redirected to WebinarIgnition thank you page, and not the page defiend in the AR service


  • Fixed method of sending batch emails


  • Fixed submitting AR form


  • Changed datepicker script


*Changed declaration of datepicker


  • Added Google Plus share button to live webinar page


  • Fixed live air bug


  • Fixed issue when submitting AR forms containing an input with name “submit” it broke the submit() method of jQuery


  • Fixed datepicker conflict with jquery-ui


  • Fixed Custom Date on registration page and thank you page


  • Compatibility fix for PHP


  • AR better service integration


  • Updated date-picker library


  • Fixed default timezone for Evergreen webinars


  • Improved security


Improved visual appearance of test SMTP button


  • Fixed cron script to send status 200 OK implicitly
  • Little cosmetic changes
  • Some text changes for better understanding
  • Added SMTP test feature

v1.0 2013/2014

initial release