SurveyJS: Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder to create, style and embed multiple forms of any complexity.


Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder for your Enterprise

SurveyJS is the most advanced yet easy-to-use form builder, perfect for enterprises of any size. You can use it to build something as simple as a Contact or Feedback form, or to handle more complex use cases, such as an Application form with dynamic fields whose values are calculated and set based on the user’s input and pre-defined conditions.

Flexible Configuration Options

Every single element of your form is fully customizable, starting from titles and helper texts, to placeholder texts and error messages – all to make sure you can provide your respondents with tailored guides and instructions and ensure high-quality user experience.

Diverse Question types

Unlike the vast majority of form builders, SurveyJS goes far beyond common question types such as Single line input (date, email, name, surname etc.), Long text, Rating and Radio button group. Among some more advanced form elements that you can use are:


Besides offering a wide variety of question elements, SurveyJS enables you to implement some advanced features, including:

  • Calculations – to dynamically calculate values based on user input or predefined variables and display the calculated values in your form or survey.
  • Carry Forward Responses – to copy choices from one question (the source) to another (the target).
  • Side Navigation (Table of Contents) – to help users to quickly navigate through longer surveys.
  • Progress bar – to show users how many completed pages, answered questions, or valid answers have been given.
  • Input validation – to ensure that respondents fill out all required form fields and the format of values is correct before they are submitted.
  • Panels – to group questions and configure settings for several questions at once.
  • Duplicate group option – to save time and effort by allowing users to quickly clone a set of questions or elements without having to recreate them manually.
  • Multi-file upload – to enable respondents to upload multiple files of a required format within one file upload field. Once uploaded, files can be managed in the preview mode.
  • Join identifier – to link several questions within a form together and sync their values.

Display and Skip Logic

To simplify the process of setting up conditional rules, SurveyJS ships with a dedicated GUI for conditional rules that makes the process simple for everyone. For example, you can set a rule that defines the visibility of the next question based on a given answer, or you can customize the text of the Thank you page based on how the respondent answered your questions.


But this is not all! SurveyJS Theme Editor gives you the power to effortlessly customize survey UI themes and create unique survey looks tailored to your application. And here’s the exciting part: we’ve included a collection of predefined themes to help you get started. Just pick a theme as your base, refine it further to align with your brand’s aesthetic, and witness real-time changes – from colors to layouts. Notably, our predefined themes prioritize accessibility. Dark mode and a specially designed contrast theme are particularly suited for individuals with visual impairments.

Please also refer to the collection of demos specially designed for various real-life use cases.
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E-signature capture field

SurveyJS offers a simple way to add digital signatures to your e-forms with a build-it input field. This signature field enables respondents to sign a form with their mouse pointer or even a finger by simply drawing a signature within the signature pad area.

Release Notes

Check out SurveyJS Release Notes to keep yourself informed about our latest enhancements and new features introduced every week.


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  • Admin UI wiht your SurveyJS forms
  • Form builder UI for drag-and-drop form creation
  • GUI for setting up conditional rules
  • Theme editor
  • Add a block with your SurveyJS form
  • Embed and publish your form
  • View the result


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SurveyJS plugin is free for everyone who self-host WordPress. If you use, the SurveyJS plugin is only free for users with Business plan or higher (due to the limitations).

Install the plugin from the WordPress directory

  1. Inside your admin area, go to Plugins > Add New Plugin
  2. Search for “surveyjs”
  3. Click Add New Plugin and then click Install now
  4. Once installed, activate the plugin

Upload & Install the plugin the WordPress admin plugin upload

  1. Go to the plugin repository and search for the SurveyJS plugin
  2. Download the zip file of the plugin
  3. Inside your admin area, go to Plugins > Add New Plugin
  4. Click Upload Plugin and then click Install now
  5. Once installed, activate the plugin


June 7, 2020
This plugin provides pretty much exactly what I was looking for! Contains a very easy way of creating a survey with multiple pages, quiz options and more AND also directly creates a database from that survey stored on your webserver. I didn't check the database in detail yet, but honestly just wanted to thank the dev team for developing this plugin.
February 1, 2020
It's a really nice plugin. Practical and fast to use. I understood quite easily how to work with. Maybe some video learning online are missing to see better how to use it at its most. It's from far the most complete free tool I've tested. Keep up the good work and thank you to make it available on wordpress!

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Change log

Check out SurveyJS Changelog.


  • first public release


  • synchronized version with SurveyJS project
  • added Survey Creator V2