This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Ninja Shop – The Quickest Way to Start Selling


Ninja Shop is not currently under active development. If this changes in the future, this readme will be updated to reflect that.

Ninja Shop is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, quickly. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, Ninja Shop is a simple and clean alternative to clunky eCommerce solutions.

While Ninja Shop is filled with extremely powerful features, you won’t be overwhelmed with complexity. Only enable what you need, and watch your products take center stage.

Sell Your Stuff Online in Under 5 Minutes

Ninja Shop makes it easy to get your store up and running quickly. Just install, activate, choose your payment methods, and start adding your products.

A Simple Interface

Your products are not blog posts, so we created an experience that makes creating products simpler and more intuitive.

Simple but Extendable

An online store can get pretty complicated, and not everyone needs the same things. With Ninja Shop, many features are split into add-ons. You only see what your store needs, making it simple to use and manage.

  • Product Inventory – Set and track product inventories.
  • Hidden Source Files for Digital Product Downloads – Use source file URLs from the WordPress media library or from Dropbox, Amazon, etc. and Ninja Shop automatically hides this source URL for digital product downloads.
  • Download Expirations – Apply settings for download links to expire or to limit access to download links/file downloads.
  • Simple Shipping – Adds flat rate and free shipping for your physical products.
  • Simple Taxes – Collect US, Canadian, or EU Value Added Taxes.
  • Customer Order Notes – Allow your customers to leave a note while placing an order.
  • Terms of Service – Require your customers agree to your Terms of Service when purchasing your products.
  • Product Categories and Tags – Organize your store by with categories and tags.
  • Membership – Create as many memberships as you want with specific rules for what content your members can access. You can also use the Memberships add-on to delay (or drip) content access on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. (Coming Soon)

Sell Your Products Your Way

  • Single or Multi-item Cart Options – Allow customers to purchase single products quickly or multiple products with one transaction.
  • Digital Downloads – Add a product type for distributing digital downloads through Ninja Shop.
  • Guest Checkout – Enabling this add-on gives customers the ability to checkout as a guest, without registering.
  • Customer Pricing – Let customers choose their price from a list of price options you create or let them enter their own price.
  • Coupons – Generate basic coupons that apply to all products in your store. (Coming Soon)
  • Product Availability – Limit when specific products are available for purchase using simple start and end dates. (Coming Soon)

Get Paid with PayPal, Stripe, and more

Out of the box, Ninja Shop offers the simplest process for accepting payments. Additional options can easily be enabled easily to provide even more flexibility.

  • PayPal Payments Standard (Basic)
  • Offline Payments
  • PayPal Payments Standard (Secure) (Premium)
  • Stripe (Premium)
  • PayPal Pro (Coming Soon)
  • (Coming Soon)
  • 2checkout (Coming Soon)

Customer & Payment Management Made Easy

Ninja Shop uses the built-in WordPress user system, while adding customer data to its own page. This makes it simple to edit user transactions, view available downloads, and make customer notes for your reference.

  • Basic Reporting Dashboard Widget – View basic sales statistics from the WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Payment/Transaction Details – See order number, payment total, status, customer, payment method, and date of payment for individual transactions.
  • Customer Registration – Use Ninja Shop Registration or WordPress Registration settings.
  • Customer Data – Manage customers by viewing products purchased, transactions, or adding notes to customer info.
  • Issue Refunds or Resend Confirmation Emails – Easily issue refunds or resend confirmation emails for individual customers.

Customizable Emails

Use the WordPress WSIWYG editor to make custom email templates for Admin Sales Notification emails and Customer Receipt Emails. HTML is accepted.

  • Admin Sales Notification Emails – Customize the email sent to admins for sales notifications.
  • Customer Receipt Emails – Customize the receipt emails customers receive after making a purchase.
  • Email Shortcode Functions – Use built-in shortcode functions in emails for customer name, full name, username, download list, order table, purchase date, total, payment id, receipt id, payment method, site name, and receipt links.

Learn More

For more information on Ninja Shop features and available add-ons

Supported by a Passionate Team

We’ve been building and supporting WordPress tools since 2011. One of our other products, Ninja Forms, has over 1 million active installs, so you can trust we’re up to the challenge.

We hope you’ll try Ninja Shop and love it. But we also want to hear what we can do to make it work best for your business. Send us your ideas and feedback.

Developer Emeriti

ithemes, blepoxp, layotte, aaroncampbell, mattdanner


  • Quick Setup
  • Add New Digital Product
  • Add New Physical Product
  • Features
  • Customer Detail
  • Dashboard Widget
  • Payments
  • Email Settings
  • Custom Email Styling
  • Pages Settings


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Ninja Shop Product
  • Ninja Shop Store


Upload the Ninja Shop plugin to your WordPress install, activate it, and enable the Digital Downloads add-on and a transaction method add-on. Follow the set-up wizard and start selling.


October 7, 2019
UPDATE: I have just been advised this plugin is currently not in development and is not being worked on for the foreseeable future. I hope this changes but can’t wait so I need to move to another solution. The Great: The general way in which it works and is installed is quite good. It looks nice and clean and simple to set up. It is lighter than plugins like Woocommece and is easily in the top 2 or 3 smaller shop plugins for its purpose. The admin interface is fairly easy to follow, and page generation is oddly not needed as it uses the store inbuilt pages (unless you want create and use your own pages). It has ‘features’ or options might be a better word, which you can turn on and off, so only what you need is enabled. The product image zoom feature is a real nice addition. I have the popup setting off so the zoom is on the main product page image so it’s a cleaner look and feel. The Good: It is relatively easy to make css edits to make it look and feel as you want, but it does require good css knowledge. This is where I have made this into being a really usable product. Works for me πŸ˜‰ Shipping works ok for Flat rate and free per product. However shipping needs a global shipping rate(s), like we may want to charge a flat $20 regardless of how many items are in their cart. An option to calculate shipping would be a bonus. In Australia we use Aust Post for most things and it is a weight versus size calculation. Not sure how this could be integrated into it as I think it will get quite heavy to cover it all. There is inventory, but I am yet to find where this can be displayed on the front end for clients to see, which is needed for limited edition items. I’m still testing this part. The Not So Good: While you can add, change etc css styles, it is not for the new novice user which a lot of WP users fall into. It lacks in some basic style options that should by default be available in settings. For example the number of columns in a row for products list as well as settings for responsive design that looks good out of the box without substantial css edits being required. Basic colour styles would also be helpful for such things as buttons etc. Sure this can be done in css if you are happy to get your hands dirty :). It does tell you where to place the style sheet if you do not want to just add it to your themes (child) style sheet, aka keep them separate which is a nice feature. The “needs more work”: The website offers no way to contact the author(s) and support on here looks limited at best, or maybe no one else is using it and hence so few support queries (or it is so good no one else needs support πŸ™‚ ). While some documentation exists it is by no means complete. There are still issues and how to do items needed to be added, e.g. the above add columns. The website has an ‘Account’ menu item that goes to a login but no registration. Not sure what the purpose of that is for. Its feature list appears different to the documentation, for example no Stripe payment option. As I said it has great potential, I hope it will continue to be further developed. — EDIT: The more I play with this and style it the more i like it πŸ™‚ PLEASE do not make this an “expensive monthly” product cost like Ninja Forms is. Otherwise I better choose another option. Happy to pay for a feature as needed … but not at the high prices of Ninja Forms. Feature Requests: Integrate with Elementor blocks. Be able to use a shortcode to add a product or products to a post or page (so each product has a shortcode). Global shipping cost setting I am interested how the ‘Membership’ feature will be implemented, it would be awesome to have it integrated with something like Ultimate Member. Australian Tax Rates (GST). Template files to override shop templates in theme (child) … more to come I am sure
November 12, 2018 3 replies
Updated – Managed to download but no use to me as unlike Ninja Forms this has no Stripe integration and currently can’t offer monthly billing for subscriptions. looks easy to set up but not the plug-in for me. Contains a fatal error when activated taking down your site! Do not download the version for download via wordpress isn’t tested correctly and shouldn’t have been released.
November 11, 2018
I really like the setup of this plugin. The ability to disable all the features you don’t need is a great idea, and makes the plugin much easier to use on a day-to-day basis. The only snag I have at the moment is shipping – I can choose between flat rate and free, and that’s that. For any site which ships small items worldwide, that simply doesn’t work. I’ll be hanging out for a shipping calculator!
August 24, 2018 1 reply
I wanted to test it out but it crashes my installs as soon as I activate no worries though you gave full disclosure it was in beta so no harm no foul. I’ll be keeping an eye on the progress made and everyone else should too because if anyone can dethrone Woo.. it’s this bunch.
July 23, 2018
I think the guys and the dev team behind this did an excellent job. It’s easy and logical to setup and to get started with. There were some “bugs” within the coupon setting (the dice does not auto-generate) and there were not any conditional options (same problem as with WooCommerce) by which I mean that there are no “if” conditions that can be combined. Let me explain by example: 10% off your first purchase but only up to 15 dollar. So if you spend 200, you still only get 15 dollar discount, not 20. Things like that is missing from both this and from Woo. Other than that I love the fact that you can customize the user account page to your own liking, you can customize the order emails and so much more. There is no pop-up when adding a product to cart which I personally like, the notification happens there and then — directly by the button with a link to checkout and cart. Something Woo does not have but should. This has potential to become bigger than Woo.
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Contributors & Developers

“Ninja Shop – The Quickest Way to Start Selling” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change log



  • Fixed a bug that caused cart actions not to fire on first attempt.



  • Added a beta version of the Ninja Shop Store Block. Full release coming soon.


  • Fixed a bug where products were not showing in the Customer Data admin view for migrated transactions.
  • Fixed a bug where telemetry was throwing notices in the admin.
  • Fixed a bug where debugging code was introduced into live views.
  • Added backwards compatibility back to shortcodes that was erroneously deleted.



  • Fixed a bug with upgrade routines for membership and recurring payments.
  • Fixed a bug with product descriptions stripping html tags on save.
  • Fixed a bug not allowing the shipping address to be selected or updated in checkout.
  • Added backwards compatibility back to shortcodes that was erroneously deleted.



  • Fixed a menu icon conflict with iThemes products.
  • Fixed a bug with clearing delivery for free purchases.



  • Re-branded “Add-Ons” as “Features”.


  • Fixed a bug with deleting US state taxe rates.
  • Fixed a bug with state being required for countries that do not support states.
  • Fixed a conflict with iThemes products, ie BackupBuddy and iThemes Security.
  • Fixed a bug with US Taxes when switching between states at checkout.



  • Extended coverage for MySQL versions that didn’t support longer index key lengths.



  • Fixed PHP compatibility issues with PHP version 5.6.*.



  • Update diagnostic reporting opt-in.



  • Add setting to opt-in/opt-out of diagnostic reporting.
  • Add a Setup Wizard option to receive email updates about Ninja Shop.


  • Fixed a nonce issue with updating a customer’s billing address.



  • Introduce basic opt-in telemetry for product improvement.
  • Restore “Buy Now” functionality along side multi-item cart.
  • Add a query parameter listener to add items to the cart dynamically.


  • Fixed mismatched css selectors in the related javascript.
  • Fixed broken nonces related to the product rename.



  • Updated the checkout-flow for simplicity.
  • Reset version references in the codebase for re-release.


  • Fixed additional hook action/filter pattern renaming.
  • Fixed a warning message with nested setting configurations.



  • Prepare Ninja Shop for public release.
  • Include basic tax add-ons in the core plugin.



  • Fixed a bug that, with some database configurations, caused a Fatal Error.


  • Initial Release