Estatebud – Properties & Listings


This is an official WordPress plugin for Estatebud Real Estate CRM. The plugin is offered and maintained by Estatebud.

Estatebud is a Real Estate CRM used by professional estate agents around the world. Through our software you can easily manage all properties, clients, leads, deals and external partners. We have connections to many portals and websites around the world, to allow for 1-click listings. See more details and request a demo on our website.


  • Compatible with any theme/page builder
  • Interactive Maps using Google Maps
  • Many pre-designed modern property templates
  • Multiple currencies (site-wide/single use)
  • Automatic suggestion of similar properties
  • Property slider widgets
  • Custom search form widgets
  • Favorite property list
  • Push new leads straight in to Estatebud CRM
  • Customizable with built-in CSS editor
  • Compatible with WPML & Polylang
  • Compatible with Yoast SEO
  • Grid & list view layout
  • Many sorting options
  • Responsive design


  • Grid layout with filters
  • List layout with filters
  • Interactive map
  • Interactive map
  • Interactive map
  • Property page design 1
  • Property page design 2
  • Property page design 3


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Go to Estatebud and follow the instructions to complete configuration.


Do I need a license to use this plugin?

Yes, you need a license to use this plugin. For more information please see our website.


March 1, 2019
very easy install and configure from dashboard map feature is very good especially with sidebar search results
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Contributors & Developers

“Estatebud – Properties & Listings” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Change log


  • Added support to show similar properties
  • Fixed bug preventing selection of level 4 areas
  • Fixed bug causing cache to never expire
  • Fixed bug causing malformed special characters after capitalization


  • Added Spanish language
  • Added support to use base/country specific locales together
  • Added support to lazy load photos
  • Improved the interactive map
  • Property template 3 has been redesigned and now features a new photo preview, along with an improved layout
  • Updated dependencies
  • Code cleanup


  • Added property labels to property page (if any)
  • Added hover effects
  • Private photos are no longer shown
  • Major code cleanup
  • Fixed issue in admin selecting “Show branch contact details”


  • Added support for Google Poly previews
  • Added support for My360 Virtual Tours
  • Fixed issue loading code editor in admin view (Mozilla Firefox)


  • Fixed issue in admin selecting customized PDF templates


  • Added several new parameters to the property overview
  • Added virtual tour support
  • Thumbnails now appear on the bottom instead of on the right hand side when in full screen view
  • Improved map loading speed and performance
  • Update of dependencies


  • Added responsive support as default to property sliders
  • Fixed compatibility issue with WordPress 5.5
  • Fixed input helper to default to multiple type select
  • Removed non-public property labels from dropdown
  • Optimized the cache expiry time


  • Fixed issue with reCAPTCHA 3


  • Added compatibility with Yoast SEO
  • Added compatibility with WordPress 5.5


  • Added sorting support to interactive map sidebar
  • Fixed issue related to Recaptcha
  • Fixed issue with smaller screens causing the filters to overlap the interactive map
  • Fixed bug resetting the language on search


  • Fixed bug causing map filters to be overlapped by property listings (interactive map)
  • Fixed bug causing API calls not to be cached correctly
  • Fixed bug causing no favorite properties to be displayed


  • Fixed bug causing page content to be too wide when using multiple floor plans
  • Fixed bug causing overridden filters to be reset to shortcode default values on reload/back button


  • Added support for currencies, either as a site-wide widget that affects all prices displayed, or for single use on each property listing
  • Added support for slider widgets, with customizable templates (html/css) and configurable settings
  • Added cache mechanism on several API endpoints for improved page speed
  • Added clear cache button in plugin settings
  • Added support for reCAPTCHA 3
  • Added support to search by internal reference numbers
  • Added shortcode setting sold/rented
  • Added new sorting option: recently published
  • Added support to configure when a rented property should be listed as available again (calculated based on tenancy period)
  • Added support to show when a rental property is expected to become available again (according to tenancy period)
  • Added support for the new zoning feature introduced in Estatebud 7.12.0
  • Added support for short term rental frequency introduced in Estatebud 7.12.0
  • Added missing map marker icons
  • Replaced native WordPress translation functions with our own private functions
  • Improved the plugin settings with new texts and better layout
  • Improved the status filter dropdown which now allows multiple values
  • Improved the default color of description/reference number to be more visible
  • Changed back button behavior which no longer goes through opened images
  • Fixed bug on smaller devices causing some property images to be distorted
  • Fixed bug which added incorrect html markup for search boxes
  • Fixed bug causing area names including apostrophes to be hidden
  • Fixed bug causing a custom reference number to return 404 (Not Found)
  • Fixed bug fetching properties with custom references in map search
  • Fixed bug causing double API calls in certain cases
  • Fixed bug triggering a javscript error in Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed bug causing theme to override the filter map button CSS
  • Fixed bug causing interactive map search to be triggered twice
  • Fixed bug in shortcode settings causing check boxes not to have a pre-defined value
  • Fixed bug causing the filter “close to beach” to return wrong results
  • Removed bedrooms/bathrooms icons from commercial properties
  • Removed the site-wide plugin setting show sold/rented
  • Removed slider dots from all default templates
  • Removed full screen button
  • Additional improvements & smaller bug fixes
  • Added Swedish language
  • Added Greek language
  • Added Danish language


  • Fixed a javscript parsing error
  • Fixed Fancybox slide issue
  • Changed default behaviour from stretching images to fit to view


  • Fixed encoding issue of search filters


  • Fixed reset button clearing list of available districts
  • Fixed bug filtering based on location together with specific filters


  • Fixed broken furnished filter


  • Added filter option bedrooms max
  • Added filter option bathrooms max
  • Added Studio option to bedrooms
  • Fixed bug resetting single select dropdowns
  • Fixed bug showing results with empty filters


  • Added furnished filter option
  • Fixed PHP warning
  • Fixed issue with too many labels on properties


  • Connected area dropdowns will not automatically select country (if only one exists)
  • Dropdown menus will now show the selected value instead of “x of x items selected”
  • Fixed bug prefilling input values
  • Fixed bug prefilling sort values
  • Fixed paging bug
  • Removed “Any” option for multiple select type


  • Leads can now automatically be transferred to the CRM Pipeline
  • Custom search boxes can now be configured with dynamic filters
  • Interactive map can now be included in the property search page
  • Added new budget selection dropdowns
  • Added new area selection dropdowns
  • Added support for radius configuration from CRM
  • Added support for customized property reference numbers
  • Agent details can now be shown in listings
  • Branch details can now be shown in listings
  • Improved mobile/tablet (touch) experience
  • Improved favorites layout
  • Native touch dropdown support
  • Other improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Added PDF brochure support
  • Added property favourites system
  • Added additional property specifications
  • Added search engine friendly URL support
  • Added buttons to switch between grid/list layouts for end-users
  • Fixed bug displaying a reduced rental price
  • Minor fixes


  • Minor design adjustments
  • QR code invalid URL fix


  • Improved listing layout 1
  • Improved listing layout 2
  • Improved listing layout 3
  • Language updates
  • Minor bug fix


  • Added QR code feature (can be enabled/disabled)
  • Added “Recently added” sorting
  • Bug fixes


  • Introduced a new map search configurable from the settings area. Maps are connected to shortcodes and can be displayed with property listings in a sidebar. A Javascript maps API key is required to use this feature.


  • Fixed empty property title bug


  • New clean design showing properties and filters
  • Added free typing search widget input, allowing a quick search by location/reference id
  • Added simple category selection
  • Added possibility for users to override default search order
  • Added reset search button
  • Added timeout trigger on free typing filter inputs (reference id/budget)
  • Added total count of properties in search results
  • Area will no longer show country in case there is only one
  • Fixed CSS bug in IE11
  • Fixed bug generating property urls
  • Fixed bug prefilling filters in Google Chrome
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling bug in select element
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


  • Fix issue displaying title on commercial property


  • Added more property details
  • Fixed a bug not displaying the price of the property (introduced 2.5.0)


  • Added support for new title field
  • Added support for Meta and Opengraph tags
  • Added some Search Engine Optimization features
  • Fixed Safari-related bug


  • Tested with WordPress 5
  • Added option to enable/disable Fancybox from settings
  • Fixed language on load of properties
  • Fixed display of land property
  • Fixed paging display with high amount of results
  • Fixed property titles to work with all languages


  • Added floor plans support
  • Added videos support
  • Added custom property labels from API
  • Added custom forms using widgets


  • Added WPML fixes
  • Updated Greek language


  • Added Greek language


  • Added language support from API
  • Improved query string logic to only append changed parameters
  • Improved responsive support to property display themes
  • Fixed bug pre-filling filters on page load
  • Adjustments/minor bug fixes


  • Added support for new currencies
  • Added 2 new property display page layouts
  • Added 1 new property listings page layouts
  • Added custom CSS feature
  • Added email sender name/email to settings
  • Added possibility to list/unlist sold/rented properties
  • Added Privacy Policy URL field to contact form (optional)
  • Design improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Fixed incorrect labels on listings page


  • Adjusted slider preview
  • Added full screen gallery preview
  • Optimized display for several themes
  • Setting to disable/enable reCAPTCHA
  • General improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Disable SSL host checker


  • The plugin now requires PHP 5.6 or higher


  • Fixes a fatal error with PHP version below 5.5


  • Cleaned up shortcode filters
  • Grouped title deed filters
  • Hiding private properties by defualt


Initial release