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Plugin for integrating your DizzyJam shop into your WordPress website by taking advantage of the public Dizzyjam API (documented here).
This plugin displays your DizzyJam merchandise on your WordPress blog, and enables the visitors to make purchases directly via the blog pages.
You can also use this plugin to manage your shop (settings and products) directly via the WordPress administration pages.

Plugin Settings

After a successful installation, you should see a Dizzyjam entry in the WP Admin navigation menu. This link will take you to the plugin administrative settings. Initially, the settings consist of two fields – Auth ID and API Key. You need to fill in your DizzyJam API ID and Key values, and then press the Get Shop Data button. If your credentials are valid, the plugin will load the information for your shop(s) along with the products you have in them.

When shop data is successfully loaded, you will also have access to the following settings:

  1. Shop – The ID of the DizzyJam shop that WordPress will work with (in case you have multiple shops under your API ID).
  2. Country – Used for to determine default currency and shipping fees for the merchandise.
  3. Products per page – Number of items to display on a single page.
  4. Cache time – Items retrieved from the DizzyJam API will be cached for this duration.

Adding the DizzyJam product listing to a page

  1. Create a new WordPress page, or open up an existing page for editing in the Administration menu.
  2. Add the shorttag [dizzyjam] inside the page contents.

Adding a link to the DizzyJam basket

  1. Edit your Posts template and call the function get_dj_basket(), as in: <?php get_dj_basket() ?>
  2. This function takes a single optional argument, which provides the name of the page that contains the [dizzyjam] shorttag, e.g.: <?php get_dj_basket('my-custom-shop-url') ?>
  3. By default the function will generate a path pointing to the page name “shop”

Editing DizzyJam shop settings

  1. Click on the Dizzyjam button in the WordPress Administration menu
  2. Click on the Shop Profile link that will appear under the DizzyJam category
  3. Fill in the desired settings and submit them using the Update button

Managing products

  1. Click on the DizzyJam button in the WordPress Administration menu
  2. Click on the Products link that will appear under the DizzyJam category
  3. You will get a product listing where you can:
    • Edit/View/Remove the current products
    • Add new products by using the Create new button near the top of the page

Plugin homepage



  1. Automatic Plugin Installation
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  3. Click on the Browse button and select the .zip archive from your local computer.
  4. Click Install Now to install the WordPress Plugin.
  5. If this is the first time you’ve installed a WordPress Plugin, you may need to enter the FTP login credential information. If you’ve installed a Plugin before, it will still have the login information. This information is available through your web server host.
  6. Click Proceed to continue with the installation. The resulting installation screen will list the installation as successful or note any problems during the install.
  7. If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it, or Return to Plugin Installer for further actions.


  1. Download your WordPress Plugin to your desktop.
  2. If downloaded as a .zip archive, extract the Plugin folder to your desktop.
  3. With your FTP program, upload the Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress installation.
  4. Go to Plugins screen and find the newly uploaded Plugin in the list.
  5. Click Activate Plugin to activate it.


What’s the difference between the *Flex* and *Full* print process options for the different products?
  • Flex (Single color, Flexible)

    • This print process is for single colour designs only, and those that DO NOT include shading or fine detail. The advantage of this process is flexibility – the logo colour is not fixed, and so your fans can choose any of the colour combos we offer at any time.
  • Full (Full color, Fixed)

    • This print process is for images of more than one colour, or those that include shading or fine detail. Your image will be printed EXACTLY as shown in the previews (including any background, if there is one), If you have transparency in your design, then the product colour will show through the transparent areas. If you would like to know how to make your image transparent, and therefore not have your background printed on your products, please check our design guide.
How to style plugin?
  • You can style the plugin markup by adding the following styles to your css theme file:

Markup of shop homepage:

.dizzyjam .dj_list {}
.dizzyjam .dj_list .dj_product {}
.dizzyjam .dj_list .dj_product span {}
.dizzyjam .dj_list .dj_product img {}
.dizzyjam .dj_list .dj_product hr.dj_short {}
.dizzyjam .dj_list .dj_product .dj_product_image a {}
.dizzyjam .dj_list .dj_product .dj_product_design_image a {}
.dizzyjam .dj_list .dj_product .dj_product_design_image {}
.dizzyjam .dj_list .dj_product .dj_product_design_switch {}
.dizzyjam .dj_list .dj_product .dj_product_price {}

Markup of product page:

.dizzyjam .dj_one {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product img {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product .dj_product_design_image {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product .dj_product_price {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options label {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options label.dj_long {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options div div {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options hr {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options select {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options input[type=text] {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options input[type=password] {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options textarea {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options input.dj_short {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options select.dj_long {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options select.dj_short {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options select#dj_size {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options select:focus {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options input[type=text]:focus {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options textarea:focus {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options .dj_price {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options .dj_price span {}
.dizzyjam .dj_one .dj_product_options input.dj_submit {}

Markup of basket page:

.dizzyjam div.dj_basket {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table th.dj_size {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table th.dj_quantity {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table th.dj_price {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table th.dj_item {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table tbody td {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_image {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_image a {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_image a img {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_name {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_colour {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_type {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_size {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_quantity {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_quantity input {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_remove_item {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_price {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_update_items {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_subtotal {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_shipping {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_total {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_no_border {}
.dizzyjam .dj_basket .dj_table .dj_no_border td {}

Markup of checkout page:

.dizzyjam .dj_checkout form div {}
.dizzyjam .dj_checkout form div.half {}
.dizzyjam .dj_checkout form div.half div {}
.dizzyjam .dj_checkout form .dj_submit_block {}
.dizzyjam .dj_checkout form .dj_submit_block div.dj_submit {}
.dizzyjam .dj_checkout form .dj_submit_block .dj_description {}
.dizzyjam .dj_checkout form input.dj_submit {}
.dizzyjam .dj_checkout form label {}
.dizzyjam .dj_checkout form input.text {}
.dizzyjam .dj_checkout form select {}

Markup of confirmation page:

.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_items {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_items li {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_items li .dj_image {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_items li .dj_image a {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_items li .dj_image a:hover {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_items li .dj_name {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_items li .dj_size {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_items li .dj_price {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_items li .dj_quantity {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_items li .dj_type_colour {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_total {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_total {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_postage {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_subtotal {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_details {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_details li {}
.dizzyjam .dj_confirmation .dj_details li strong {}

Markup of pagination block:

.dizzyjam .dj_pagination {}
.dizzyjam .dj_pagination ul {}
.dizzyjam .dj_pagination ul li {}
.dizzyjam .dj_pagination ul li a {}
.dizzyjam .dj_pagination ul li {}
.dizzyjam .dj_pagination ul li a:hover {}

Markup of powered by block:

.dizzyjam div.dj_powered_by {}
.dizzyjam a.dj_powered_by {}
.dizzyjam a.dj_powered_by.dj_powered_by_black {}
.dizzyjam a.dj_powered_by.dj_powered_by_white {}
.dizzyjam a.dj_powered_by:hover {}

Markup of misc:

.dj_hidden {}
.dizzyjam hr {}
.dj_clear {}

Markup of basket link:

a.dj_basket {}


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